Volkswagen Polo or Alfa Romeo Mito: on sale and for less than 10,000 euros

Volkswagen has achieved with the Volkswagen Polo by 9.900 euros a big claim for those who are looking for a utilitarian, but did you know that Alfa Romeo offers the Alfa Romeo Mito for the same price? Battle, trade, is served, how Alfa Romeo Mito or Volkswagen Polo?

The Alfa Romeo Mito and Volkswagen Polo are presented as two of the alternatives more suggestive of a price polite:

The Volkswagen Polo has the mechanical gas 1.0 75 hp, the Volkswagen Myth with the 1.4 70 horses, also gas, and both require, in order to avail ourselves of this offer, to fund the purchase with the financial proposal for the brand and welcome you to the Plan PIVE, but Volkswagen also offers an alternative for those not able to benefit from the Plan PIVE with a price of 10.700 euros.

As equipment in both cases, the air-conditioning or alloy wheels, also in the case of the Polo with a sound system with touch screen.


Skoda offers a Skoda Fabia with a similarly equipped and the petrol engine of 75 horse-riding the Pole by 9.500 euros and 8.990 euros you can also assess the option of a Ford Fiesta with a petrol engine of 60 horses.