Volkswagen Polo R WRC 2016: I sure Success!


Volkswagen Motorsport has unveiled its ‘new’ Polo R WRC for the season 2016 for the World Rally. And is that talk of newness is not appropriate because the vehicle suffers very few changes with respect to the World Rally Car used in 2015. Under the premise of ‘if something works for you to change’, the German manufacturer makes small tweaks to keep his Polo R WRC at the top of the championship. The base may not be better, because the Polo R WRC has been the protagonist of the three titles of pilots and builders row added by Volkswagen.

S├ębastien Ogier, Jari-Matti Latvala and Andreas Mikkelsen will be in charge of piloting the three units of the Polo R WRC that will be in competition in the WRC 2016, and that for the occasion have received three strokes. The front subframe has been strengthened, while the arms cross-cutting of the rear axle have also been improved in its configuration of gravel. For its part, the propeller 1.6 Turbo 318-horses now presented a few pistons evolved that will allow the brand to gain in reliability. Despite this, the propellant is virtually identical to the one used in the drives of 2015.

Something understandable if we consider that the Volkswagen Polo R WRC has a better chassis, aerodynamics and engine that the World Rally Car competition, a fact that is demonstrated in that has been the vehicle of the winner in 34 of the 39 rallies in which it has participated in the Championship of the World. Finally, it is worth noting that the Polo R WRC 2016 gets minor changes in its exterior decoration, and while it retains the same color scheme as that used in the last season, incorporates some stripes in white to emphasize its aggressive design. The blue tones are still the basis of the model.