Volkswagen prepares Landaben to produce the Polo and this new SUV

Volkswagen Polo NavarraCast a new model to market requires a series of jobs the profane of this sector do not reach to imagine. In this case, he has touched the Volkswagen Group to put the factory where they are going to produce the next generation of Polo and the next SUV small of the mark. The plant is graced with the production of these models remains located in Landaben in the Community of comunidad Foral de Navarra.

With this model the production capacity of the same expands because until now only produced the Volkswagen Polo. However, with the arrival on the market of its sibling SUV in the Group have believed timely that is manufactured in the same place that their companion platform. In this way the economies of scale maximize and it takes the good know-how and experience of the template to manufacture an SUV cut semi-premium.

Volskwagen Polo siete millones address of the Volkswagen factory at Landaben has press release in the past month July have been closed, the work of adaptation of the factory to the machinery necessary for the manufacture of the next models of the Group. To take them out has been made a investment 28.9 million euros and has consisted of a total of 208 jobs. These works have been overshadowed in a 80 per cent in work to adapt the production line to the next Pole.

The work of adaptation has been performed taking advantage of the period holiday of a large part of the labor force. This has allowed us to renew a large part of the workshops focusing on the areas of presses, body shops, paint and mounts. In addition have also been reviewed by the plant engines and final review of the production. To finish have also taken improvement actions and restructuring in certain infrastructure for the plant, in areas where the technologies center information and quality.

Outside of the productive area other modified zones affect common areas of use for the workers. In this case it has touched the turn to changing rooms, rest rooms, and the toilets.

Source – Volkswagen Navarra

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