Volkswagen presented, very camouflaged, a new Pole in a video

Volkswagen Polo

next generation of the Volkswagen Polo is beginning to emerge as the model reference to follow in its segment. The second best-selling model of the brand at the global level is getting closer to his brother Golf in terms of quality, dynamic qualities, equipment and technology. However, its final design is still dropping, as it does not end up filtering the first official images that show us the work done by the designers of the brand.

official presentation of the next Volkswagen Polo will be held in the Frankfurt Auto show. While the time comes the responsible of marketing and communication of the brand they are playing with our feelings. The reason is that have just published a video on its official YouTube channel in which we can see in all its glory to the next generation of the Polo. However, this video presents a small issue and that is the model that we can observe is completely covered in camouflage.

On an aesthetic level the next generation of the Volkswagen Polo will not be breaking. Few days ago leaked a few recreations that are “unofficial” in that we could see the final design that will be the model. The philosophy of the German brand already know everything in terms of design and is as follows: “if something works why change it”. This is happening with all generations of the Golf and it seems that the Polo will be the next model to employ this philosophy.

At the structural level we already know (and appears in the video) that will be based on the latest evolution of the modular platform MQB, MQB-A0. This base will be the perfect starting point to bring the city of Volkswagen even more than her brother Golf. In addition, the responsible product model is loaded with the best wizards and driving aids and technological elements of the Volkswagen Group.

More data when the mark please provide them in the meantime we will have to recreate the view with this video. Anyway, Frankfurt is just around the corner and surely will continue to be filtering out more data or images, who knows.

Source – Volkswagen

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