Volkswagen prohibits playing the Pokémon Go to their workers

Volkswagen prohíbe Pokémon Go en sus fábricasfever Pokémon Go seems to be spreading in an uncontrolled manner all over the world. It even seems to have come to the automotive industry. Volkswagen has just announced that it will prohibit its employees play the popular game in their jobs. Of time this measure will be applied in its headquarters in Wolfsburg and it is not yet clear whether it will apply in the rest of factories.

The German company has been notified by an internal message directed to its 70,000 employees. The main reasons that set out to ban the Pokémon Go are the “lack of attention and distraction“. Note that the use of the game increases the risk of an accident at work. Also that the activation of the geolocation allows others to know the location of the worker, assuming a risk to the security of the company.

Pokémon GoAs you know, the application lets you share images of the places where you will find the Pokémon. This Volkswagen is a danger in terms of confidentiality and directly affect the protection of data. “Here is almost all we play. I I hunted yesterday three Pokémon in the assembly chain. The work has not been affected by this, but in general the bosses themselves that they are right”, said an employee of Volkswagen.

Another worker added: “anyway, in the public and private there were not many Pokémon cool, only Pidgeys and Caterpies, these all the world has to spare. These are on all sides. Before they create problems, I waive it in the work“. In this way Volkswagen is saying goodbye to the Pokémon Go at its plant in Wolfsburg. Joins other companies such as ThyssenKrupp, which has also banned the game in its workforce of 31,000 employees.

Source – EFE