Volkswagen promises a “robotic parking” series in your car (especially electrical)

Can you imagine how convenient it would be to keep an appointment by car, get off of him at the entrance of the parking lot, and that this move alone, without a driver, to the corresponding parking space? And what if your car is electrical, and exploited to “plug in” and charge while you met? Volkswagen wants to end the work of parking, or at least take advantage of the technological situation to complement it with more efficient solutions in time and economy. Volkswagen has become the benchmark proposed autonomous parking and electric vehicle charging . And you will not need to say what happens when the giant German carmaker intends something.

Volkswagen bet on automated car parks, to organize effectively recharging electric cars by induction, without connecting any wires.

Volkswagen would have unified the development of more advanced charging systems, with the automation of parking , both of which, still looking away from each other, have a close connection. Volkswagen speaks of a combination of adapted cars connected systems and infrastructure systems in parking lots.

But essentially be based on cars with a limited autonomous operation (which can at least move without a driver in a parking lot, which as private premises, fall within the limitations that the law now imposes a car to move without driver) and systems for recharging electric vehicles induction , without connecting cables.


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Technology does not require much more advanced than those already found in modern cars, such as radar and camera systems.

To explain its operation is best to show a use case . The driver comes to parking, the door stops her car, in an area of ​​”collection for parking.” But there is no parking. The vehicle would already have information on the distribution of parking in your software. That, combined with radar and cameras allow our car was able to go to your parking space without touching the walls, or a column, and detecting pedestrians and cyclists to avoid abuses. According to Volkswagen, they have designed a system with great ability to recognize obstacles. Note that this development has been made so that it can be dispensed with GPS , while these private premises may have trouble keeping the signal geopositioning systems.

From that moment car look for a free parking space and wait for our arrival . If it were an electric car, would check if there is a free recharge point, in which case it would be directed to him. Being an induction charging system would not require plugged into an electrical outlet. And at the time it is charged it had completed automatically evict the charging point to find another parking and clear the parking for electric cars, for another vehicle recharge your batteries.

The interesting thing is that are not talking about any science fiction technology . Volkswagen and its six partners, which include various international universities have the technology that could be done this automated parking . The system also work taking advantage of the network of sensors that already use modern cars, radars and cameras. Now we just save one last hurdle, implement it in a parking lot – as a pilot -. To study its implementation in real environments

Source: Volkswagen
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