Volkswagen Race Tour Jarama 2016, an experience accessible to anyone

The user experiences were created for a mark to publicize their products in an environment that is conducive to clients that may not always be to the scope of the same. That’s why Volkswagen takes years, making their Driving Experience. A series of events where whose one of their final tests took place yesterday and today in the madrid circuit of Jarama.


Ambassadors of the brand, as Luis Moya, are also present in the appointment

The Volkswagen Race Tour Jarama 2016’ve met once more to the fleet more interesting in Volkswagen an enclosure especially conducive to enjoy and spend a pleasant morning or afternoon. An appointment that has gathered a large number of followers of the brand have been satisfied with the experience.

The fleet has been composed by various units of the Volkswagen Golf GTI, especially eye-catching novelty of the Clubsport, the special version of birthday which will 290 units to Spain. Just the power supply. The range R has also been well represented with the Volkswagen Scirocco, as well as several units of the Volkswagen Tiguan and the Volkswagen Passat.

In short, the German brand has come with its range more important, and representative, and because there is a circuit, with the units most cane-growing, and fun. And is that if there is something that is defined these days is about the disparity of exercises and activities to do. A planing very full which is divided into four sections:


All prepared to open the throttle. Before the GTI Clubsport the complicated circuit of Jarama

Innovation and technology

Without a doubt Volkswagen is a brand that cares about the technological evolution of its products. Today the (technology has become one of the main reasons for buying, and for that reason the brand wants you to know its latest innovations. By the way, in honor of the truth, there are those that say that are a few. All of them designed to make driving safer and our lives easier.

In this block, experts in the technology of Volkswagen, led by Andy Soucek, professional rider of team Bentley, will show that recent advances do not focus solely on the connectivity, that also, but they go beyond that. Security is vital, and this is why today we have systems such as adaptive cruise control or the computer of cameras and sensors that monitor everything that happens in the perimeter of the car.


to Adapt to the times is important, but to preempt the future is vital. And in the coming years the hybrid technology will mark the step of the mobility. And for face-planting in the segment, Volkswagen has created the models GTE and e-uP! and e-Golf. While the latter are fully electric, the GTE have been born from the beginning as hybrid models, plug-in.


The range GTE to the full also gathered at the event, allowing themselves to be test

To all the attendees who so wish the Volkswagen Golf GTE and vw Passat GTE will be available for testing around the convoluted path of Jarama. During this spin you can check the different characters that have both cars, reaching its culmination with the press of the AWG, where both give a higher power to 200 horses.

Experience Allroad 4MOTION

In little more than 10 years, SUVS have increased their sales in an exaggerated way. Today, the competitiveness in the segment is radical. However, Volkswagen is presenting a range short, but tremendously successful. This year the novelty is the new Volkswagen Tiguan, and so do not lack to the appointment of the Volkswagen Race Tour. A small, you will discover that you can really do with you behind the wheel.

A complicated circuit is created through the hills of the circuit of Jarama will serve to test the new Tiguan and its drive system 4MOTION. Surprising is the final result, because more than one hard to believe that an SUV, supposedly urban areas, it is able to cope with such exercises without sweat. A test where the Tiguan is like a top car.


The Tiguan is more than a simple SUV urban, and their versions 4MOTION access sites complicated

Sportiness and Emotion

finally Volkswagen will reserve the main dish of the day. Golf GTI Clubsport and Scirocco R are waiting for you to make you feel pilot for a short period of time. The ultimate expression of sportiness conceived for the brand of Wolfsburg comes with 265 and 280 horses, respectively. However all eyes are going to the model 40 anniversary of the range GTI that I just recently did a review of its history.

just will arrive 290 units of the Golf GTI Clubsport to our country, and in the Race Tour you will be able to enjoy four of them being able to exprimirlas butt, reaching a top speed of 200 Km/h without despeinarte. By his side the Scirocco will make you feel completely different, as you will require more, although you will draw a smile from the face with just the throttle. Two toys that make the delight of all attendees to the experience.

finally you will be able to enjoy the small Volkswagen Polo GTI in a circuit in the wet where your skill and speed at the wheel will be put to the test. Eye with knocking down the cones that mark the track because the time is running out. A small game that will “sting you” with the rest of the audience to achieve the best time. Just 20 seconds of the test but that you really will enjoy the cute


Without a doubt the jewel in the crown. Only 290 units will reach, the same as horses maximum

With all this planing, it is not surprising that each year the Volkswagen Driving Experience to fill with customers and the public anxious to try out the latest and most sporty of the German mark. This year they have nearly finished, in the absence of the School R of Montmeló on the 12th of November. The official calendar for the coming year will be presented shortly, but one thing I noticed, be quick, because the experience is worth it and the seats are limited.