Volkswagen Rally Experience: feel pilot for a day

on the occasion of the Rally of Catalunya, Volkswagen wanted us to enjoy the experience of driving the new Golf R on the Circuit of the Land of Lleida in a sample of what they have chosen to denote as Rally Experience. And I say enjoy, because the three hours of this course of driving, are just that, a enjoyment for the senses. Each element of the mount makes you get in the skin of the pilot and for the lovers of this discipline, and even for the neophytes in the same, becomes an experience hard to forget.

The Rally Experience of Volkswagen combines a price that is very tight, a lot of time behind the wheel, and skids secured on land.

the slogan for The currently presumed to be the Golf R (the car that you can drive on the Volkswagen Rally Experience) is the “300 HP to improvise” and that is precisely what invites you the all-wheel drive of Wolfsburg. From the first minute, and once you are already accommodated within the mono flameproof Rally The World, you let yourself go, driving more by instinct than by technique and this keeps you drawn a smile in the mouth that you are not erased in the rest of the day.


however, have fun and learn to be effective and fast are not incompatible terms. To do this, there are the experienced instructors of German from the Driving Experience of Volkswagen and with a specific training in driving techniques on earth. Their guidelines, always clear and precise become necessary to face the path almenar, which, at this time of year is even more delicate due to the early morning dew. The physiognomy of the circuit combines slow corners, with a quick, and even depending on the settings you used, you are also a fork which you get to play with the inertia and the ‘scandinavian flick’.

The Volkswagen Polo R, DNA rally:

WRC, piloting on earth a car of 300 HP and experience of copilotaje with a professional pilot, unforgettable.

although when you think of a car to run in rally championship the Volkswagen Golf R is not the first option that crosses your mind, the 300 HP, all-wheel drive 4MOTION and the modified suspension make it behave in a very noble on the Catalan earth. The steering, in Sport mode it becomes very straightforward, and aided by the good pair of that boasts to help you to bring the car to where you are pointing to, simply at the flick of a throttle, and aided by the configuration Sport, map which helps to draw all the juice from the powerful propeller German.


The comfort mode is best suited to the slaloms of which was formed the circuit (as if it was a downhill skiing is involved) and moves very agile chassis already copy each one of your movements with the steering wheel. Despite the fact that the rear is very stable, it is usual that in hard braking it can move out of position, however, releasing the brake, giving a blow of gas, and correct it with the steering wheel, the Golf returns to the right path without even pulling a cone.

In our case, the event, in addition to the lessons of piloting on earth, also had the incentive of a competition between the envoys of the press which was to be the most constant in two consecutive laps, always in a range of time specific and with penalties for touching cones or skip ‘gates’ as the main threat. Needless to say, the pique between the already competitive members of the world motor was important and kept us entertained for a weekend with the great theme of the rally as are held with the Spanish round of the World Rally championship.


As icing on the cake, an experience of copilotaje next to one of the instructors, with experience in rallycross, that helps back to put the feet on the ground, take off the pilot suit to hit-pull hand brake and with a Volkswagen Polo of 200 HP, which is very fun despite having only front-wheel-drive. The colophon perfect for a day of four hours unforgettable, very exclusive (only 10 spaces available for each of the two shifts), with a very professional team of professionals at your disposal (help with the mounts the same company that works with Hyundai for your Codriving) and at a very competitive price. In particular we are talking about 280€ for non-guests, and 220€ for those of you who have bought a Volkswagen. WRC, piloting on earth a car of 300 HP and experience of copilotaje with a professional pilot, unforgettable.

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