Volkswagen re-booting their factories recently paralyzed

Fábrica de Volkswagenfew days Ago we did echo of an important story, and is that Volkswagen had been forced to paralyze, nothing more and nothing less than six of their ten factories located in Germany. The reason was the lack of materials due to various disagreements with some of the providers.

This has kept without productivity to some 27,000 workers about and perform their tasks in the plant: Emden, Wolfsburg, Zwickau, Kassel, Salzgitter and Braunschweig. In addition to the manufacture of engines and different elements of your vehicle, assembled models of the German mark as requested as the Golf and the Passat.

Fábrica de Volkswagenapparently, the giant automotive-German and the providers that were in disagreement, CarTRIM and IS Autombilguss, have come to an agreement after no less than 20 long hours of negotiations. CarTRIM is a supplier of the seats, while it IS Automobilguss sent to the mark components for gearboxes.

so far have not known the foundations of the agreements that have been reached between the three companies, but seeing that providers applying an amount of 500 million euros in compensation for the breaking of a contract that would take effect next year and which has had to intervene in the Hearing of Braunscheweig for Volkswagen to continue to receive materials, it would not be surprising that you soon would return to to have disputes.

The positive part of this deal is that these more than 27,000 people, that being said soon, since they can sleep safe and will return to their jobs almost immediately. Volkswagen could not move forward without the elements, parts and materials of these two suppliers, so that we cannot imagine the tension that must be within the six manufacturing plants affected by not being able to continue producing their parts and vehicles.

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