Volkswagen re-manufacture spare parts of the Golf GTI of the first generation

Volkswagen Golf GTI de primera generaciĆ³n

The Volkswagen Golf GTI of the first generation celebrates 40 years of history.

In just two days will take place in a large concentration in the Circuit of the Jarama. The GTI Day. An event to celebrate by everything high the 40 years of the history of the Volkswagen Golf GTI. The iconic compact sports blowing the 40 candles on his birthday cake and Volkswagen wants to help all the owners of a Golf GTI of the first generation to keep their precious models like fresh out of the dealership.

To do this, Volkswagen has announced that it will manufacture spare parts for the Golf GTI of the first generation. With this, it guarantees the supply of spare parts for the passionate by this model can restore it and enjoy it like the first day. What parts of the Golf GTI MK1 re-manufactured Volkswagen? Therefore, among other parts, the German brand will manufacture of new cosmetic grille, gear knob of the gear lever, tags or the trim characteristic of the first GTI.

And among them, we have the new catalogue Volkswagen Classic Parts. It has been expanded with new pieces. To what cited above, we must add some elements of the bodywork such as the front flippers. Will be manufactured in the machine press original Volkswagen began using four decades ago.

Volkswagen Golf GTI de primera generaciĆ³n

Volkswagen returns to manufacture spare parts for the first Golf GTI. Photo: Wikipedia.

In his day, Volkswagen launched the Golf GTI with the idea of manufacturing only 5,000 units. A limited edition model. However, the response was so formidable that the German brand is rid quickly of the idea of a limited production. After that, they sold almost a million units of the first generation of the Golf GTI. Today, the total production accumulated from the Golf GTI of different generations exceeds two million units.

Launched on the market in the year 1976, the Volkswagen Golf GTI was (and is) a success due to its combination of compact dimensions with a sporty performance and an affordable price within its category.

What has been said, if you are the owner of a Volkswagen Golf GTI of the first generation now you can go to your vw dealer closest to you to order spare parts you deem appropriate. As long as they are included in the catalog of Volkswagen Classic Parts as well we have said above. And if you’re in available, you need to go to the GTI Day at the Jarama on the 5th of November, will be the largest concentration of Golf GTI organized in Spain.