Volkswagen recognizes that the CO2 emissions of 800,000 cars have been adulterated

New problems for Volkswagen, this time related to the measurement of CO2. In 800 thousand vehicle measurements declared are lower than those obtained in reality.

Volkswagen-TDIAndhe scandal of Volkswagen that broke out after that in united States it is known that many of the vehicles equipped with TDI engines had a device hidden cheating the process of measurement of pollutant emissions, is now spanning to another type of vehicle.

After an internal investigation, Volkswagen discovered some inconsistencies in the certification of CO2 emissions of no less than 800 thousand cars, the vast majority of them equipped with diesel engines. This means that Volkswagen made for valid values of consumption and emissions of all these units, that in reality are higher than the ones obtained in the measurements.

By the time the famous German has not provided more details about which are the affected models, as well as their brands, but undertook to clarify that since has been reserved 2,000 million euros to address the issue.

When Matthias Müller took over the driving, he promised a change of attitude in the future, primarily related to increased transparency. While in principle this new discovery seems to be something very negative, the truth is that the promise of Müller takes sustenance and in the long term, it could even get to improve their sagging image of the brand.

Volkswagen identified and publicly acknowledged this bug and are preparing to remedy it, although make sure that a recall will not be necessary, since it is not a question of a technical problem.