Volkswagen reports the procedure for the settlement of the engines EA189 TDI


The repair will allow a better management of the air-fuel mixture

Volkswagen and the Federal German Transport has just been informed about the steps to be followed to correct the TDI engines affected by the scandal of the emissions. As reported, the measures are of a character much less dramatic than expected, although these will have a binding character.

The correction agreed corresponds by the time the engines EA189 1.6 and 2.0 TDI Euro 5. It still remains to determine what will be the procedures of arrangement for the V6 TDI, and the three-cylinder 1.2 TDI, which have also been affected by the well-known Defeat Device Defeat Device. It is expected that by the end of the month already know the way to proceed with this last.

In terms of the engine 1.6 TDI the most of the information pointed to a few settlements more important than they actually are. these will be fitted with a current transformer in the front of the air sensor. With this mesh is to achieve a greater accuracy in the measurement of air mass by said sensor. This is vital for engine management and for the correct mixture of air and fuel. In addition to this it will be necessary to a software update, we assume that to remove the program causes so many problems.


This is the mesh that will be installed in the engines EA189 1.6 TDI

In the case of the 2.0 TDI, the operation will be even more simple, because according to Volkswagen, so it will only be necessary to update the software of control of the car. In both cases, the agreement should not entail a delay of over an hour, average in the case of the engine of greater displacement.

The company states that under no circumstances the engine will suffer consequences for these actions. Or the consumption, or performance, or the performance will be affected. Although as stated, by the time this is a theoretical, so in practice it is not known for certain if this will be as well.

remember that procedures have been approved by the Federal Authority of the German Transport, which means that they are in agreement and have agreed to the changes to be made that way, and always with a mandatory character. They, themselves, are waiting to receive the procedures for the rest of the engines affected.

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The period of call-to-review will start at the beginning of the year. It is expected that at the end of the month of January, the first cars are already going for the shops official. Given the volume of units that have to be corrected, more than 11 million, the process is extended throughout the year, and will be the same for all the brands and models affected in the scandal, Audi, SEAT, Skoda and Volkswagen.

Each local division will be in contact with your customers to inform them when they should pass by the shop. There is also to know that all those customers who need it will be compensated with the assignment of a vehicle for the duration of repairs, which we repeat do not take more than an hour.

this brings a full stop to this unfortunate process that began in the past month of September, when he jumped the news. In this period of time you have heard many things and has not done more to start. In fact other brands are already investigated by the German authorities, 50 different models from more than 23 brands to be exact.


The call for review is mandatory and will start at the beginning of next year

beyond this problem, Volkswagen is faced with the problem of the excessive emissions of CO2 in some of their vehicles, that has nothing to do with the repairs mentioned above. The official list of engines affected is already official, accounting 430.000 vehicles affected, 50,000 of them in our country. By the time the German mark continues without reporting the steps to correct, even though they have already admitted that this problem exists.