Volkswagen reveals several technologies that they will use their cars in the future

Events like CES or any auto show, are the
ideal scenario for the car manufacturers invite us to dream of being
awake about how it will be the automobile sector of the future. do You ever wonder how will be the
cars that will be driven on the roads within a century?
doubt, little or nothing have to do with the models that we see today
in the dealers.

Volkswagen CES 2017

The HUD (Head Up Display with augmented reality will be a reality very soon.

Volkswagen took advantage of the last CES 2017, to reveal the first details of some of the technologies that will benefit their future vehicles. Some technologies that, according to the German manufacturer, will the control of the vehicle in a more intuitive and that the driver can access with more security and simplicity to all of the information that we will provide the car.

brand points out that the fast scanning that is hurting the car industry and life in general is changing the behavior of the users and, of course, of the drivers. It is for this reason that more and more people who buy a new car require that you have a instrumentation, indicators and operating elements digital.

Among all the news that Volkswagen has been unveiled just a few days ago highlighted his new concept of the dashboard. A base element of any vehicle which, according to the manufacturer, they will redefine completely. Thanks to this, we will allow a better access to different types of information and improve the experience of use of the driver and occupants. The brand also emphasizes that it will offer a better field of vision from the driving position.

Volkswagen CES 2017

The smartphone will be used as the key for access to and use of our vehicle. And you can transfer from one mobile to another.

on the other hand, we also have the concept of “New Touch”. We anticipate how it will be the next level of development that will reach the Digital Cockpit of Volkswagen. Through the use of two screens (one located behind the other) produces a three-dimensional effect that conveys a impression of depth. This, combined with images and important resolution, the driver will be able to access more quickly and easily to the information useful for driving.

And in connection with the New Touch Concept, we have the Eye Tracking, an add-on to the new generation of Digital Cockpit of Volkswagen. A technology that makes it possible that the information does not have to be represented in a continuous way on the screen, but only when the gaze falls on the same render graphics animations selectively.

The Head-Up Display with augmented reality, closer to

Other companies have already shown their progress in this field during the CES 2017, and Volkswagen does not want to be less. It also unveiled its evolution HUD that incorporates augmented reality. The screen that emerges from the dashboard in front of the driver projected info-graphics in front of the car resulting in the driver easier and less tiring to your query.

Volkswagen CES 2017

Volkswagen is presenting the concept, New Touch and Eye Tracking technology.

will Offer two levels of indication, one project approximately
to eight meters ahead of the vehicle and another near the windshield to a
distance of three meters. In any case, this new concept of HUD to prevent
potential distractions since the driver will not have to divert the gaze of
the road.