Volkswagen searches for the full of victories in the Rally of Italy


The Rally of Italy-Sardinia is the next challenge for Volkswagen Motorsport. The three pilots of the German band landed in the test that is held in the Emerald Coast with a list very different conditions. Sebastien Ogier is leading the WRC and has won this rally in its last three editions, but his invincibility in Sardinia with the Polo R WRC is in contrast with his worst streak since he is on the mark after failing to win in the last three appointments. While Andreas Mikkelsen oposita to the championship, Jari-Matti Latvala will try to take advantage of his good starting position in Italy.

The order of output is a topic trite when speaking of Sébastien Ogier, but what is certain is that French is affected by this aspect, to such an extent that Ogier didn’t win in Mexico, Argentina and Portugal. Although in the three rallies reached the podium, what is certain is that the French is at its ‘worst’ streak at Volkswagen: “I have a lot of confidence in the face of the Rally of Italy, because it has been a fantastic quiz until now. We have been on the podium in each rally and we want to continue the line. despite not being one of my rallies favorites, I’ve learned that I love their tracks“.

on A personal level I’m very excited because Andrea and I are expecting our first child and although the delivery date is planned for after the rally, you never know what can happen. If the baby comes during the test, I’ll go directly to see my wife because it is a moment that I don’t want to lose” explains Sébastien Ogier also has the approval of Volkswagen Motorsport: The team is supporting me 100 percent in this decision and come the time I will go without any problems”.


Since his victory in Mexico, Jari-Matti Latvala has been away from his companions. Its level in Argentina was very discreet and Portugal finished sixth, very far from the podiums marked by Ogier and Mikkelsen. However, the finn arrives to Italy with a view to seek the victory, whenever that will start sixth in the first two stages of the test: The Rally of Italy is fantastic. It is the place where I celebrated my first victory on gravel and I’m looking forward to coming back though the last few years we have not gone well. This year I plan to take better care of the tires“.

In this aspect, Latvala is quite analytical: My goal is to finish again on the podium because the gravel of Sardinia is usually very slippery on the first pass, something that can help us out since my post of departure. All the riders have a good grip during the second pass through the stages, so I have to take advantage of this condition. Another important factor is the heat, because the body loses a great amount of energy and fluids due to the high temperatures. It is important to be well hydrated to be at 100% in each of the stages”.

Finally, Andreas Mikkelsen comes in fullness of trust
after two consecutive podiums and beat Sébastien Ogier on the Rally of
Portugal: “The second place in Portugal was almost a victory for me.
We are aware of to go to one of the rallies most complicated of the season and
in addition, this year we are going to be the second car on the track just behind
Ogier, so we will have things difficult. We are delighted in
any case with our result in Portugal and with the fact of ascending to the
second place in the championship. , Italy is a rally that I like and we’re going to give it