Volkswagen Sedric Concept: seeking to redefine the mobility of the future

Volkswagen has
elected to the global showcase that represents the Geneva Auto show in march 2017
to file in society of its new conceptual model designed from scratch and with
the that the German brand wants to stay ahead of what is their vision about the
mobility of the future and, of course, the driving autonomous as well as all
the possibilities, which would lead to the redefinition of the way we
move in the big cities. To do this, mark presents to us the Volkswagen Sedric Concept.

Volkswagen Sedric Concept

Volkswagen Sedric Concept, so is the new concept car designed from scratch by Volkswagen.

With Sedric, Volkswagen wants to show us the importance of driving autonomously in the future. In addition, the company makes it clear to us that they are actively working on providing a proper solution to the needs that will generate new forms of mobility in the coming years. With the Volkswagen Sedric Concept, they want to put on the table a totally new concept related to the conduct autonomous.

mark German is making numerous investments and devoting numerous resources to different “channels” such as communication, mechanical 100% electrical, connected services and security. All of these technologies are merged into vehicles that Volkswagen sold in the future. The Sedric is a conceptual model designed to offer a “level 5” driving autonomous. The highest of all.

In other words, “the human being no longer necessary.” Simply enter in the cabin and enjoy the journey while we then, one leaves the ride. With just one push of the button of a small remote control we will be doing a “link”. The Volkswagen Sedric will come to our site automatically. We are faced with a mobility service shared. The conceptual model created by Volkswagen form part of a fleet of an enterprise mobility services.

Volkswagen Sedric Concept - interior

this is the interior of the Volkswagen Sedric Concept, a cabin in which to enjoy the journey and forget about the driving.

To be used has been sought to simplify to the maximum so that it is easily accessible to any type of user. A vehicle with which to be able to go to the airport, to work or to any point of the city to which we need to move. All this in a relaxed way and comfortable.

The windscreen of the Volkswagen Sedric Concept is a large OLED display with augmented reality that serves as the center of communication and entertainment. Its cabin presents a configuration for four passengers in 2+2 and in that the seats act as a sofa. It is also equipped with an air purification system and is powered by an electrical system and pure to not generate emissions.