Volkswagen seeks to engage professionals of the video game industry

Volkswagen Golf 2017

Volkswagen seeks to involve experts of the video game industry.

The Volkswagen Group is living times of change. During the next ten years, the giant automotive-German will put in motion his plan to “Transform 2025+” which we have already spoken in previous articles. A very ambitious plan that we can extract headlines just as important as a great bet for electric mobility, becoming a leader in connectivity in the automotive sector or to focus a large part of its resources in the north american market, and chinese.

One of the major steps that you want to give Volkswagen is the so-called “digitisation” of the company. To do this, are putting the spotlight on professionals sectors which a priori may seem to have nothing to do with the automobile industry. However, for the task that you need to make the VW Group will be of great utility. To do this, Volkswagen fixed its attention on the professionals of the video game industry and advanced research.

The German manufacturer is reinforcing its staff with IT experts with high qualification to expand your “know-how” in areas that will play a leading role in the automotive sector in the coming decades: artificial intelligence, big data, reaidad virtual, smart production, and connectivity. During the next three years the Volkswagen Group will have a workforce of more than 1,000 IT experts.

Volkswagen Golf 2017 - interior

the interior of The new Volkswagen Golf 2017 is an example of the path you want to follow the German manufacturer in its “scan”.

half of these employees shall perform their duties in Wolfsburg (Germany), both in the center of IT organization located at the headquarters of the company as at the laboratories of IT located in the following cities in germany: Wolfsburg, Berlin and Munich. In these laboratories are working on new solutions in the fields of “big data”, connectivity, mobility services, virtual reality, and what is known as the “internet of things”.

But, what means IT? Dr. Martin Hofmann, cio of Volkswagen Group, is defined as a department of creative teams, international cooperation as well as an enabling environment to develop and work on the most advanced technologies. A kind of “Hub of ideas”.

Volkswagen is fully aware that in just a decade connected services, virtual reality as well as electric mobility will have a leading role. It is for this reason that they will invest a lot of resources for that, at the time of this “transition” the German group has a dominant position. And proof of this is the family of electric cars that will launch the market in the next few years.