Volkswagen sells iPhone covers made with the remains of crashed vehicles

Volkswagen Sweden has since the sale covers for mobile phones made with the bodywork of cars that have suffered accidents while people were using the mobile while driving.

Mirar the screen of the mobile phone while driving is one of the activities most dangerous that we can do behind the wheel, since deflecting the view from the road by just one or two seconds to read or answer a WhatsApp is long enough not to get warn that a car, or in the worst case a pedestrian is obstructing our path.

In Sweden, the government had adopted last February a law that states that it is illegal to drive with a phone in hand, although for the moment the amount of accidents because of the use of mobile phone while driving has not decreased.

With the purpose of persuading drivers, and to achieve the roads more safer, Volkswagen has taken next to NordDDB the initiative of to manufacture iPhone covers 8 made with the sheet metal damaged in the car accident victims caused by people that used the mobile while driving.

The German manufacturer reminds us that the chances of suffering an accident increases 23 times when sending or receiving a text message while driving. Volkswagen considers that a case for your phone made with a car vandalized is a good reminder for us to always be on top, a reminder of how dangerous it is to use the mobile phone when we’re behind the wheel, especially for those who reply to WhatsApp when they should have all the focus of your attention on the road.

covers are made by hand in the traditional way, using the body of the wrecked cars and it is for this reason that are “tragically” unique, since their texture and color varies according to the used car and the damage suffered by your body. The manufacturer only shortlisted 153 of these sleeves, each of them representing one of the serious accidents that occurred in Sweden during the first month that this new law came into force.

covers are on sale and have a cost of 599 Swedish crowns, that is about 57 euros at the current exchange rate. The proceeds will be donated to a Swedish organization that assists people who have suffered traffic accidents.