Volkswagen shares fall 20% after news that falsified emissions data


After news that Volkswagen will face a penalty of 18 billion dollars after US falsify data concerning polluting emissions, its shares plummeted 20%.


Volkswagen-TDI-Clean-Diesel E his week a lightning data to Volkswagen became known. It was found that the data on emissions of its engines diesel, had been falsified to achieve his arrival in US , especially to states with more stringent rules in that respect, as is the state of California.

Sales of so-called ‘Clean Diesel’ began in North America in 2008, at the hands of an alliance of European manufacturers among which are Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswgen. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of United States requires that cars sold in the market that meet certain emission standards which require approval process very similar to that used in the European Union.

However, they found that the engines TDI Clean Diesel 2.0-liter only meet those standards polluting emissions to specified driving cycle, ie to the same conditions of approval, exceeding the limits set in other situations.

As a result, Volkswagen will be subject to a penalty which reach up to $ 37,500 per vehicle and considering that we are talking of about 482,000 units, the German house will face a penalty some 18 billion dollars .

In this context Volkswagen shares today fell more than 20% , which amounts to the largest drop in a single day, after learning of the magnitude of the penalty which faces .



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