Volkswagen should call review, 8.5 million units diesel in Europe

The scandal of Volkswagen unleashed around the so-called dieselgate, began in the united States, but is already affecting 8.5 million units of the European Union. The so-called review of 2.4 million units in Germany, will be required.

Volkswagen-TDI-Clean-DieselLto authority of German federal transport (Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt), will force Volkswagen to units equipped with diesel engines EA189 com the software souped-up to be calls to review mandatory. That means that you will need to spend for the service of Volkswagen 2.4 million vehicles of German and a total of no less than 8.5 million units throughout the European Union.

Out of countries for the european market, each country will resolve that units equipped with the engine EA189 are concerned for their subsequent call to review, if necessary. The decision of the German authority will allow the problem is resolved in a definitive way, as in the case of a matter that does not affect the operation of the vehicle, a recall volunteer was finished with many units without correcting the problem.

according to what indicates Volkswagen, the plan of action that will be taken to remedy the so-called dieselgate is moving at full speed and called to review free will begin from the month of January of the next year. The technical solutions will be able to go from a new software, even a new car, although we will have to wait a little bit more, as they are being developed for each series and model affected.

The manufacturer shall submit its plan of action to the responsible authorities during the next few weeks and will be reporting to the owners with the running of the months. However in germany, will have time until the month of November to explain to the authorities which are their solutions.

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