Volkswagen should take off in the Rally of Finland


fortune formed an alliance with Volkswagen in the past Rally of Poland, since the puncture suffered by Ott Tanak on the last day of competition handed on a platter the victory to Andreas Mikkelsen. Although the triumph of the Norwegian broke a streak of three races without a victory, the aftertaste in the German firm is still bitter. For this reason, Volkswagen Motorsport wants to take off in the Rally Finland and to get an overwhelming victory. Sébastien Ogier as a leader, as well as Jari-Matti Latvala and Andreas Mikkelsen for its condition of pilots scandinavians are big favorites and more if the rain makes an appearance.

Sébastien Ogier is next to Sainz and Loeb, the only driver not scandinavian that has managed to win the Rally of Finland. It was in 2013, a victory that hopes to repeat in this edition: “Finland is one of the most important appointments of the year. I love to ride there, the roads are not only beautiful, but are custom-made for the rallies. The order of output I have been denied any real possibility of winning in ground tests this year, so here the weather situation will play an important role“.

In this aspect, Sébastien Ogier has been very cautious: “we’re Going to wait and see what happens, but let’s keep the fingers crossed for it to be nice and wet. It is true that the most important thing at the end is that we are defending our title and it is certain that everything is going well in this sense, but it would be good to have another fair chance of winning in a rally with similar conditions for all, especially now that the championship has been blessed with some riders who go through a very good time“.


Jari-Matti Latvala is the winner of the last two editions of the
and it is certainly and lrival to beat: “The Rally Finland is the
highlight of the season for me, as is obvious. I am very
looking forward to this rally despite the fact that the pressure is greater than in
any other test. This can also serve as motivation, as
it is obvious that I want to do it well before the local public.

expectations of fans and finns are huge
, especially because
I’ve only gotten a victory this year.”

Analysing more in
depth rally house, Jari-Matti Latvala explains the keys to
have a good rhythm in the appointment fastest of the season:

features of the Rally of Finland are all known.
enfentramos to dirt tracks very fast and big jumps
, which in
the fund is suited to my type of riding. The key to this rally is
to ensure that the notes maintain the correct pace and
choose your line
for the jumps and areas faster”.

Andreas Mikkelsen comes in without any pressure after getting his first victory on land: “it will Not be easy to repeat the triumph of Poland in Finland. The rally has a different character. The surface is much more difficult and there are more crests and jumps. Is a most exacting test level concentration. The notes are particularly important to find the rhythm, so that should be very accurate. There are a large number of crests blind and it is necessary to know what it is that awaits you on the other side. One of the novelties is the reverse direction of ‘Ouninpohja’, which will add a spicy extra to the rally”.