Volkswagen Special Up!: an edition inspired by a Beetle of 1982

Volkswagen Special Up!

Volkswagen Special Up!, a new special edition.

Are important times for the Volkswagen Up!. The little urbanite will receive very soon a long-awaited version of sporting character and which surely help you to leave to a side its image of friendly and light-hearted. The new Volkswagen Up! GTI will be a reality early next year. However, before this model see the light the brand wants to continue to encourage their sales. And what better way than with a special edition? At least that is what you will do in your local market.

Volkswagen has announced a new special edition of the Up! to Germany. This is the Volkswagen Special Up! and is already available. For its design has been taken as inspiration the Beetle “Special Bug” of the year 1982. The small vehicle focused to face the traffic of the big cities will be available in two different finishes. Both equally as interesting.

on the one hand we have an exterior that combines the painting “Savana Gold” with housings of the mirrors and black wheels. The other option is the color “Black Pearl” for the body coupled to a wheel in the indicated shade golden. Optionally the contrast details will be available in a silver tone. In both cases, it is easier to fit some alloy wheels of 17 inches and a vinyl in grey and located just above the side skirts.

Volkswagen Special Up!

The new Volkswagen Special Up! it is inspired by the Volkswagen Beetle Special Bug, 1982.

Volkswagen has not released images of the interior but it points out that the cabin will have a roof coated in black, front seats heated, or a package of ambient light. Optionally we may also give a finished in Savana Gold for the box of instruments and the sheath of the seats.

As we have pointed out at the beginning of the article, by the time the Volkswagen Special Up! is on sale in the German dealers. There are No details about its possible arrival in other markets. The starting price for the model with black outer is 13.625 euros while if you opt for the gold finish you’ll have to face a surcharge of 150 euros corresponding to the painting.

An interesting detail is that the special edition will be available for the engine 1.0-liter TGI of 68 ps that can operate with gasoline or compressed natural gas (CNG). Is associated with a manual change of five speeds and will allow us to save a significant amount of economic in the expenditure of fuel. In this case the amount of the vehicle will amount to 16.600 euros.