Volkswagen stated benefits in 2016 despite the Dieselgate


last year was very good for Volkswagen, with and without Dieselgate. While in 2015 it is declared a loss of 1,361 million euros -after taxes – this year have been 5.379 million euros in earnings. The increase has been spectacular.

Despite everything, the 2016 was a memorable year for VW

During 2016 Volkswagen also stated the world record sales, is more, surpassed Toyota, and is the manufacturer number 1 in the world with 10.3 million deliveries to customers all over the world. For the empire to work more than 625.000 people, more than last year.

If they had not taken into account the costs and provisions of the Dieselgate (operating profit before extraordinary) we would speak of 12.824 million euros in 2015 and 14.623 million euros in 2016. These amounts would have to drop taxes. And how much are those “extraordinary”? 16.893 million euros in 2015 and 7.520 billion euros in 2016.


The Group has to cope with huge costs, especially in the united States: sanctions, compensation to clients, attorneys, repurchase of vehicles affected by the Dieselgate… Meanwhile, in Europe, the Group refuses to indemnify to the millions affected by the diesel engines are “souped-up” on a voluntary basis.

The only thing that is doing Volkswagen and its brands is to reprogram the ecu of the engines EA189 TDI CR in sizes 1.2, 1.6 and 2.0. In the case of the 1.6 TDI CR is placed a piece physically, a filter at the inlet. This is to reduce -in theory, at least – polluting emissions, but there is compensation, if any business entertainment or token gifts.

┬┐how Much money you have Volkswagen? In 2015 had a net liquidity position (at December 31) 24.522 billion euros, and at the close of last year 27.180 million euros (+10.8 per cent). In addition, we must consider a line of credit of tens of thousands of millions of euros that give support and peace of mind to the company before a huge calamity.


Volkswagen is now a monolithic rock and the european regulators will cost them scratching penalties to compensate motorists in europe. However, we cannot speak clearly of a punishment of the consumer, Volkswagen has just noticed on his sales the anger of the clientele by the crisis of the diesel engines. Nor in Spain has noticed.

the united States is a country that is very different, where Volkswagen and its brands do not have much strength, and have been forced to compensate their customers, even to the point of being left free to drive their cars during a season. In Europe, seen as seen, there is no need to compensate to stay well.

If Volkswagen paid once sanctions in Europe will be required by law. Remains -and by far – the first group car of the old continent in sales. On the other hand, to be fair, the current products do not suffer from these problems, the TDI engines current (EA288) are, independent studies in hand, of the cleanest in the industry.


If the evolution of the business of Volkswagen, continues in that line, you will be able to cope with all of the cost of the Dieselgate american without a problem, even earning money and giving back to the shareholder. Many things have changed, even the Board of Directors has put caps on the outrageous amounts they were charging the officers.

10 years Ago it was marked Volkswagen aims to be the manufacturer is more powerful in the world in 2018. It is already so. For the next decade, aspire to be the leaders in mobility, and that means selling cars and other things that are not cars. One out of every four sales has to correspond to plug-in hybrids or electric.

Without counting the extraordinary, Volkswagen had a margin of 6.7% (which is not very bright, but respectable). Considering the extraordinary, a 3.3%. That is, data in hand, a very good value to invest, a machine to make money, and that I could do more if it fit a little more costs. Are already doing this.