Volkswagen supports some errors in the approval of CO2 and consumption


New distaste for the dome of Volkswagen. In the course of the investigation of the engines rigged to emit less NOx during the homologation, has discovered another goof. In the process of approval also there are cars that have been publicized with lower values of CO2 that should be, directly related with the consumption. Are greenhouse gases, no pollutants.

For the moment it is known that at least 800,000 cars are affected, have not specified, in what markets, default may refer to the European Union. The advertise CO2 levels below those which should be announced, those cars paid less tax enrolment. A preliminary estimate puts the impact at 2,000 million euros.

Almost all of them are diesel, but there are some gasoline

Volkswagen will be in touch with the authorities involved in the approval to determine the consequences that this may entail. Probably, the manufacturer will have to respond to your “pocket” the amounts of tax that is not charged, for having left those cars exempt, or by having contributed in a section further below.

There is another direct consequence, which is that at least 800,000 customers bought those cars thinking that they had a low power state, and then have found that the actual consumption is higher. This happens in every industry, to models launched in 2015, the discrepancy is around 40%, according to Transport & Environment.

all we know for the moment. We’ll keep you informed.