Volkswagen takes a prototype of the Up! TSI is a 2 doors to the Bubble Gun Treffen

One of the surprises that this year Volkswagen brought the festival Bubble Gun Treffen which takes place in Brazil, is a variant of two-door the Up! TSI, with some special features.

Volkswagen-Up!-TSI-Bubble-Gun-Treffen-2Lhe brazilians have their festival inspired by the Wörthersee festival in austria to host the fans of the brand Volkswagen. It is called Bubble Gun Treffen and this year celebrates its seventh edition.

Volkswagen participates in a formal manner and this year prepared a variant of two-door of the Up! TSI. This is a prototype created specifically for the festival, which for the second year in a row has on the smaller models of the family Volkswagen as the center of their inspiration. The conceptual work takes as its base-to-body two-door, for which was chosen a paint color silver without lacquer, which according to Luiz Alberto Veiga, design director for South America, allows you to appreciate all the details of the body without the light reflections hinder the view.

The roof is going to painted in dark grey color, like the rear diffuser, mirrors and rear spoiler. In addition to account with a few alloy wheels of 18 inches, painted in dark grey, with tires in as 215/35. The trunk lid and the central part of the rear bumper receive an adhesive that mimics the carbon fiber, while the doors are located a sticker with the number 07, in reference to the seventh edition of the festival.

In the passenger compartment there are also some design elements of a prototype, with a panel painted in the same shade as the bodywork, emblems that identify it as a special series and a upholstery leather that combines the colors black and brown, with a finish rhomboid that is inspired by the cars and the brand Bentley.

Under the hood there are no new developments, since the prototype uses the same engine than the TSI conventional, that is to say a block 1.0 liter turbo with a power of 105 CV when fed with ethanol, which is associated with a manual change of five marches.