Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace: variant of seven-seater is already a reality

Everything is ready for the start of throughout the new Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace at the Geneva Auto show in march 2017. After being unveiled in the american soil and
chinese, the long-awaited variant of seven-seat SUV German will in
the old continent. Let us remember Europe is the only market where
you will know this model as the Tiguan Allspace, since China will adopt another
“last name” and the united States will still be called Tiguan to dry.

Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace 2017

The new Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace is ready for his debut.

While we hope that their presentation, Volkswagen has revealed a whole series of images and new data on this model of battle extended with a more spacious interior to accommodate the third row of seats, and so happen to have a cabin for five passengers and one with capacity for seven adults. Will come to give a response to other models such as the new Skoda Kodiaq.

as expected, no surprises on an aesthetic level. Your image is very similar to that of its “little brother”. The main changes with which they were shown the new Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace are a few rear doors larger for easier access both to the second as to the third row of seats. In addition, the German designers have been slightly modified by the fall of roof and the general shape of the rear to balance the new proportions of the SUV seven-seater.

Mounted on the MQB platform, the engineers of Volkswagen increased the wheelbase of the Tiguan up to 2,79 m, while the total length now stands at 4.70 metres. And what is the capacity of the trunk? The Tiguan Allspace cubic 230 litres when in use the third row of seats. When folded the two seats up this figure rises up to 700 litres. And in the case of folding down the second row, the storage capacity will increase up to 1.775 litres respectively.

Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace 2017

In the interior of the Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace we find 3 rows of seating to accommodate 7 passengers.

In regard to subparagraph (mechanical, there will be no scoops. And is that you will find an array composed of the blocks already seen in the range of one’s own Tiguan. We have from gasoline engines TSI to options, diesel TDI. Depending on the selected block, will be associated to a manual gearbox of six speeds or an automatic transmission DSG dual clutch. The all-wheel drive 4Motion Active Control it will also be available.

can opt for three levels of finish (Trendline, Comfortline and Highline). Termination of access will offer series a funding very complete among the highlights of which include air conditioning, leather steering wheel, LED tail lights, rain sensor, interior mirror, anti glare, alloy wheels 17 inch, LED lights for daytime running, or the package connectivity.

on the other hand, the Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace also be equipped with the latest driving aids developed by the German manufacturer. Among other systems, we will have the adaptive cruise control, braking, automatic emergency, maintenance, lane assistance, parking Park Pilot, rear view camera, reader traffic signs, signals, and the attend of lights. The rest of the technological endowment (level of connectivity and information) will be the same as that used by the base model.

Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace 2017 - interior

this is the area in front of the passenger compartment of the new Tiguan Allspace.

┬┐When it will come to the
The new Tiguan Allspace will be for sale in the market
european from the second half of this year. Reservations may be
from the month of may, while the first units will not reach
dealers until the month of September. For now it is unknown the price
that will be in Spain, although there is already talk that in Germany will start from the
30,000 euros. In any case, we must wait for his debut at the Salon
Geneva, 2017, for more details on this new option that adds to the
family Tiguan.