Volkswagen Tiguan Coupe: anticipating the design of a variant with soul sports

Volkswagen Tiguan Coupé - recreación

Recreation that we anticipate the design of a Volkswagen Tiguan Coupe. You will arrive in the year 2018.

is Not the first time that you write headlines stating that the expected Volkswagen Tiguan Coupé will be a reality and that sooner or later we will see that in the market. Mid-year 2015, we published in the latest information concerning the expected variant coupé of the popular SUV German. A model that is expected to make an appearance at some point in the year 2018.

while there is still plenty of time to see the Volkswagen Tiguan Coupé in the dealerships, since already some years we have been witnesses of the intentions of Volkswagen with respect to this project. A clear example is the Volkswagen Cross Blue Coupé Concept introduced by the manufacturer at the Shanghai Auto show of the year 2013. This prototype has already offered us a preview of what they will look like the Tiguan Coupe when you land in the market.

While we wait for the German mark begins to reveal the first details of the future Tiguan Coupe, we can anticipate your design with the recreation which you can see above. As we can see, will follow the usual set by other manufacturers. Therefore, not clash in a growing segment that has increasing demand on the part of the european drivers.

Volkswagen CrossBlue Coupé Concept

Volkswagen Tiguan Coupé will have a design influenced by the Cross Blue Coupé Concept introduced in 2013.

With the arrival of the Volkswagen Tiguan Coupé will be to a family that could almost be described as large. And is that, in addition to the base model very soon we will welcome your variant “XL” with a capacity for seven passengers. To be presented at the Geneva motor show, 2017 and in Europe it will be marketed as a Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace.

therefore, the Tiguan and Tiguan Allspace we will have to add the aforementioned Tiguan Coupe. A model that the German manufacturer wants to offer an answer to the BMW X4 or the Mercedes GLC Coupe. In addition, we also cannot ignore the information that point to the fact that the Volkswagen Tiguan Coupe will have a version of high-performance and purely athletic. Something like a Tiguan Coupé R will be available a year after the basic model.