Volkswagen Tiguan GTE Active Concept, unveiled at the Detroit motor show

there is No better site to present a SUV to north America. That’s why Volkswagen has decided that the Detroit motor show 2016 will be the stage for the start of long’s Volkswagen Tiguan GTE Active Concept. A prototype close enough to the reality that we are anticipation of the arrival of the variant more efficient of the renewed compact SUV.


this Is a prototype, but it gives us an insight of the capabilities of the version GTE of the Tiguan

The new Volkswagen Tiguan was introduced just a few months ago. Your design change has been quite remarkable. A change that we see applied to the Tiguan GTE Active Concept. As a prototype we can not take into consideration all of the design, in fact the retail version, the Volkswagen Golf GTE, was already presented at the last Frankfurt show, but yes that is a design exercise, really attractive.

The daytime running lights are typical of the family GTE from Volkswagen, in the form of a C. beyond that there is that recognize that creative work is sensational. Bumper modified, flared wheel arches, tyres, off-road and a roof that hides the bars portamaletas and a few high power lights, which are phenomenal, but that sadly will not arrive in the production versions final.

however the interior itself which can serve as a guide to know not only how it will be the Golf GTE, but for to know how will be the interior of Volkswagen in the not too distant future. We see a lot of surface digital. A lot screen of last generation applied to the box of instruments (the Volkswagen Passat may already have it), and the infotainment system that stands out in the central part of the dashboard.


Lot of screen into the interior of the Tiguan GTE Active Concept

It has a size of 9.2 inches and it is the same system that you do just a few days we were able to see in the form of advancement in the Volkswagen e-Golf Touch presented at the CES in Las Vegas. The system associated with the screen will allow your operation using hand gestures and voice control. Already we say that it is a computer that does not we will soon see become a reality, as it is rumored that the next-generation Golf already has with him.

In terms of mechanics, the name GTE of this prototype should give us a slight idea of the approach. The Tiguan GTE Active Concept uses three engines, one petrol TSI 148 BHP and two electric. The first of them with 54 CV is directly attached to the heat block, while the second 114-HP is situated on the rear axle, causing the Tiguan to earn an all-wheel drive 4MOTION, although this is not permanent, as it is a system which manages, functioning mainly as a 4×2 with front wheel drive.

The total power is 211 HP sent to all four wheels through a change of double clutch six-speed, specially designed to fit the hybrid operation. Thanks to this the Volkswagen Tiguan is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 Km/h in 6.4 seconds, reaching a maximum speed of 193 Km/h.


Three engines will be combined with each other to show a performance and a consumption excellent

however, it is the consumption that more should worry in a prototype hybrid. A battery pack of 12.4 kWh allows a running all-electric during a tour of 32 Km. This capacity is coupled with a fuel tank of 17 liters that allows you to extend the complete autonomy of the Tiguan GTE up to 933 Km.

As usual there are six modes of driving: Road, Off-road, Snow, Sport, Charge (the battery recharges while we drive) and the Battery’s Hold. In this latter mode the electric battery is stored so as to be able to use it when it really is useful. That is to say that if we are on a journey of highway we drive at all times with the heat engine to that when we get to a city we can use the electric motors and not spend gasoline.

The Volkswagen Golf GTE will hit the market next year. What will you do to complete a wide range, as it is expected the arrival of a Tiguan XL, with a capacity for seven passengers. In this way, Volkswagen will expand the potential range of buyers and make it more multi-purpose one of his models star.


Although not what we get to see the Tiguan GTE will hit the market next year