Volkswagen Tiguan L: so is the Tiguan Allspace for the chinese market

Although its implementation over the world will not take place until
the beginning of the next year during the Detroit Auto show 2017,
we can say that it is possible to “take a look” at the new Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace. As we published some days ago, the variant of seven seats of the Volkswagen Tiguan will get the last name
although only for the european market.

Volkswagen Tiguan L

Volkswagen Tiguan L, the chinese version of the Tiguan Allspace.

well, now can we show the aspect that will look at your specific version for the “asian giant”. In China, the SUV, seven-seater Volkswagen will be marketed as Volkswagen Tiguan L. Your image does not show important changes with respect to the Tiguan that we can find on the market today. Evidently, the increase of its wheelbase (11 inches), the pillar D will concentrate the vast majority of aesthetic modifications.

The new Volkswagen Tiguan seven-seater will be sold in north America, Europe and China. Will be manufactured in Mexico and in China. In the second case, thanks to the collaboration agreement that Volkswagen holds in the asian country with SAIC. The old continent will come to us the units produced at the Volkswagen factory in Puebla (Mexico). The biggest plant of the brand outside of Germany.

Mounted on the MQB platform, the interior of the Volkswagen Tiguan L has been extended with respect to the base model to provide a passenger compartment more spacious and thus able to accommodate the third row of seats that increases the number of seats to seven. With all three rows of seats deployed, the load capacity of the Tiguan L/Allspace will be quite limited, although if you folded down the third the trunk cubicará 615 litres. And if we do the same with the second, this figure will be increased up to the 1.655 litres respectively.

Volkswagen Tiguan L

The new Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace will be manufactured in Mexico and China.

¿And what’s your (mechanical? In this aspect, it’s best not to wait developments, as its range of engines will be composed (at least in Europe) almost a carbon copy of the engines that we find in own Tiguan. We will have at our disposal both petrol engines as diesel, manual switch and automatic DSG as well as front-wheel drive or full 4Motion.

To see you around these parts, we’ll have to wait until the Geneva motor show 2017, an event in which Volkswagen will show the european public the new Tiguan Allspace. Until then, we will have to make do with seeing it in your version china and north america as well as spy photos. The new Volkswagen Tiguan L will go on sale in China from January 18, 2017 with a starting price of 211.800 yuan (29.170 euros).