Volkswagen Tiguan XL, first images of the seven seats for the 2017


Under this mule of a Passat is the Tiguan seven-seat

The new Volkswagen Tiguan 2016 has brought about a radical change compared to the previous generation. The new SUV improved in all its characteristics principales: design, livability, technology, structure, safety, and powertrains. Taking as a basis the well-known modular platform MQB the new Tiguan will also increase the family, where you can find a version of seven-seater.

The Tiguan seven-seater will arrive in 2017

Volkswagen Tiguan XL will have a distance between axes elongated to increase the interior space. It is estimated that it will prolong your length in a few 60 mm, this will leave enough space for that after the second row of seats is add another with two-seater extra geared more for children than for adults. In this way the trunk will not be nearly unusable.

don’t be fooled by this mule-shaped Volkswagen Passat Variant of the previous generation. Inside is the SUV battle extended: the steps of wheels are forcedly widened to fit the dimensions of the new Tiguan, the body seems to overlap in several points of the mule, and behind, the lack of diffuser reveals to us that has traction in the rear wheels.


Block the length of this mule, and the wheel drive for the SUV Volkswagen three rows of seats. In addition, this body must reach a more look more dynamic that will prepend the design to the practicality of the car itself, similar to what had been done by other manufacturers such as BMW with the X4 and X6 or the Mercedes-Class GLE Coupe and GLC Coupe.

In his offer of engines will find options of gasoline and diesel of the well-known proponent of the VAG Group, which comply with the emission standard Euro 6. To the range we will add also the variant hybrid plug-in based on the Volkswagen Tiguan GTE Concept whose mechanical offers up 218 HP when the combustion engine and the electric work in a team.