Volkswagen to use the MQB platform for two more generations

Volkswagen I.D. ConceptThe Volkswagen Group has been put in the same plan that Eduardo Manostijeras. Have taken out the scissors and are going to cut all spending superfluous see for there lost. Clearly, this situation comes because of the Dieselgate, and the consequences that he is going to derive. These cuts will affect the whole structure of the group and of course one of the departments that worst what can happen is the research and development.

just As important will be the cut-out that according to the said Herbert Diess, head of Volkswagen, will use the current platform compact modular (MQB) of the group in the next two generations of its models. This will save you a substantial amount of money in terms of costs of production is concerned. To make this possible, the engineers of the consortium German you are already working out how to adapt it for so long.

Volkswagen Golf fábrica Wolfsburgowe All know that the MQB platform the Volkswagen Group has been the big bet of the consortium for to reduce costs and share economies of scales among all the brands of “worldly” that make up the group. Is designed to into her womb to vehicles small and medium-sized front-wheel-drive (and four-by-four not mechanical) and about it all of the group’s brands have already launched some model and are developing new ones.

This platform is allowing the factories of the Volkswagen Group can to assemble the different models more quickly and at a lower cost. However, the MQB platform has yet to continue to grow as currently only assembled on it, some two million cars and Volkswagen wants to end the year 2018 are manufactured on it about seven million cars.

Be that as it may for now, the Volkswagen Group is going to to cut severely its funds to develop new platforms so that the MQB will need to be flexible enough to take here to a decade.

Source – Volkswagen