Volkswagen Touareg 2018: so it will look the new design of the SUV German


Recreation of the new Volkswagen Touareg 2018.

The new generation of the Volkswagen Touareg should be presented at the Frankfurt motor show, 2017 and although the German brand has not revealed any details about the new model, our readers have already had several opportunities to take a look at the new iteration of the SUV premium German.

Thanks to the numerous spy photos that we have posted these months, we have been able to verify the evolution of the development of the model, which will give a qualitative leap quite important with respect to the preceding generation. In addition, an early filtration we revealed the most important features of the model, thanks to a copy that was hunted completely bare in south Africa, next to a unit that also lacked the camouflage of the new generation of the suv of the brand, the Volkswagen Polo.

The recreation that we have prepared, the image that heads this article, is based on the traits that showed the unit hunted without camouflage in south Africa and that you can see in the image below, with the new front that characterise some models of the brand.


Exemplary sighted in south Africa, new Volkswagen Touareg 2018.

the design of The new Touareg was advance for the T-Prime GTE concept that the brand introduced at the Auto show in Beijing in 2016, a prototype which saves many similarities, like the Arteon sports sedan that was advance for the Sport Coupé Concept GTE presented at the Geneva motor show 2015.

Both models will be the first to have the new grill large size of the brand, the absolute protagonist of the front. With a trapezoidal shape, occupies a large part of the snout and part of the bumper, embracing the new optical rectangular shapes, very stylized.

After his presentation at the IAA Frankfurt 2017, the new Volkswagen Touareg 2018 will soon begin its marketing. The new generation of the SUV already has a date of start of production, during the last annual meeting of shareholders of group revealed that the SUV would begin its manufacture in the month of November, just two months after its official presentation. So we can expect that the first copies arriving at dealers in your market home before the end of this year.