Volkswagen Touran 1.6 TDI, proof: seven seats, plenty of space, and personality?

The minivan has died. That want to tell us all the manufacturers of crossovers and SUVs. And in part it is true: these vehicles have devoured a large part of the occupied space in the market for sedans and traditional minivans traditional. Do you still have arguments of weight to cars such as the , Volkswagen Touran in front of the crossover? To verify this, we have made test for almost two weeks for a Volkswagen Touran equipped with a engine 1.6 TDI 115 HP and finish Advance, possibly the most sold of the range.

The second generation of the Volkswagen Touran is built on the MQB platform modular of the Volkswagen Group.

made It clear from the beginning. The design of the Volkswagen Touran no thrills. At least not in the case of our unit, of a dark brown colour and equipped with a discrete rims of 16 inches. The same cannot be said of the spectacular units equipped with wheels of 18 inches, finishes, and sports eye-catching paint color blue metallic. As possibly you have seen in tv ads and newspapers. Our test is more realistic on this occasion, not as equipped as other test vehicles.

prueba-volskwagen-touran-2016-19-mdmThis Volkswagen Touran inherits the front design family Golf and Passat, in conjunction with lenses whose Led daytime maximum point of differentiation with other Volkswagen. Its aspect is harmonic, within the excessively sensible and graph that this is an mpv. It is not a complaint huge glass area of the car, which gives more feeling of space inside and allows a better view to the rear. It really is a car as only a few remaining in the market, where form still follows function.

Seven-seater series

It is almost 20 cm longer than the Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan, which could be considered a compact version of the Touran.

Although the , Volkswagen Touran measured only 4,53 meters long, measures more than its first generation, but still compact, is sold standard with 7 seats. It is one of the main differences with other rivals, in which must be specified as an option – is the case of the Kia Carens, which we also tested recently – and others in which you should purchase the long version: this is the case of the Citroën C4 Grand Picasso in front of the Citroën C4 Picasso. The Touran is more compact that those releases stretched from its rivals.

prueba-volskwagen-touran-2016-31-mdmWe will feel very “at home” in the position of driving a Volkswagen Touran, if we know the vehicles of the Volkswagen Group. Your driving posture is slightly elevated with respect to a tourism and is almost perfect in terms of ergonomics, with space in spades for the occupants of the seats front and multiple possibilities of adjustment. Is particularly large free space up to the ceiling, the result of the design graph and the ratio of 1.66 meters of height of your body.

The center seat of the second row of seats is slightly narrower than the two outer seats.

second row of seats is composed of three individual seats, three equipped with ISOFIX anchorage, and the three adjustable both longitudinally as in the penchant for their support. The second row also has an individual regulation of temperature. If the second row is not displayed, have plenty of space for your legs and are wide enough for three adults to ride with some comfort. If you are not too wide, three child seats should fit without problems.

prueba-volskwagen-touran-2016-47-mdm third row of seats is easily deployed from the trunk – through comfortable handles – and has two seats. I have similar to slightly better level of comfort than the Kia Carens, for example. They have a position more natural, and does not undertake to bring your knees as high. Although an adult of average height only will travel comfortably in them on short trips, and the space for the legs depends on you to sacrifice the passengers of the second row, are above the average in the segment.

A point in favor of the Volkswagen Touran is the good visibility, thanks to its great glazed surface.

Volkswagen offers without cost the Touran with five seats. The fundamental difference is that the trunk goes from the abundant 633 litres – with the third row in the doldrums – the version of seven-seater to a few monumental 743 litres in five-seat configuration. If we’re not going to use the two rear seats regularly, we recommend the version of five-seat, more practical and broad. The huge boot of the Touran comes at the cost of some sacrifices: all are sold with a kit puncture, no spare wheel.

maletero-touranIf we continue with the seven seats deployed in the trunk barely fit a couple of suitcases, cabin or some backpacks. If you folded down all the seats, we arrived almost two cubic meters of cargo volume. If this seems like a small, Volkswagen has distributed through the interior 47 of hollow slide. There are tables type airplane installed in the rear of the front seats. In all the doors you can store bottles of water and a half liter, and even the third fixed has drink holders on the side moldings.

At the wheel of the engine 1.6 TDI 115 HP

The engine 1.6 TDI 115 HP is also offered with a gearbox DSG dual-clutch and seven relationships.

engine 1.6 TDI 115 HP is the access engine in the diesel range, Touran, and is expected to be the best seller of the range, putting on sale a few months ago. It is a engine Euro6 that uses an injection of AdBlue to treat the exhaust gases. Your on-board computer indicates the remaining range of AdBlue (what is AdBlue?) until his future recharge, carried out with the nozzle of the fuel tank. The 115 HP engine accompanies a correct maximum torque of 250 Nm, constant between 1,500 rpm and 3.250 rpm.

prueba-volskwagen-touran-2016-17-mdmOur unit had its engine attached to a manual gearbox of six relations, but also offers a box DSG dual-clutch and seven relationships with this propellant. On paper, it makes the 0 to 100 km/h in 11,4 seconds, has a top speed of 190 km/h and average consumption approved is 4.6 l/100 km, What we highlight about the Volkswagen Touran is his good insulation both from the wind as the rolling noise and the imperfections of the road. It really is a car made to be comfortable on long trips.

The engine speed is raised slightly to disengage, thus facilitating the driving, and urban leaders.

Its suspension is comfortable, and your tires have a profile generous, and low rolling resistance. Travel long distances in the Touran is a pleasure, and not even our backs accuse the tiredness after a marathon of over 500 miles. possibilities of adjustment of seats and their silence on board also help substantially. Although he has slimmed down an average of 62 pounds with regard to your previous generation thanks to the MQB platform, we should not expect great performance from the engine that we tested.

prueba-volskwagen-touran-2016-57-mdmIs ideal for circular routes urban areas with low power consumption: we measured a average of 5.5 l/100 km in a trip on the motorway between Madrid and Gijón to legal speeds, and has rarely exceeded the average 7 l/100 km – with the exception of urban traffic, where it is around 8 l/100 km The set has a pleasant operation: a good touch for both lever changes as the address, a suspension without swaying, exaggerated and a good set up, which are clouded over by an engine without claw.

It is not a car to run, but it is reasonably agile and fun on a back road.

A pity, because the chassis allows a behavior relatively agile, comparable to that of other vehicles built on the MQB platform, if well notice something more inertia if we move more nimbly. If you are going to drive the back roads regularly, making frequent overtaking or want more features, we recommend the engine 2.0 TDI of 150 HP. If you’re going to move to rhythms, quiet on motorways and rounds ring-road, the 1.6 TDI will meet exceed your expectations.


Rivals, technology and prices

Volkswagen has supported your campaigns in the promotion of the technological base of Touran. The reversing camera is standard on the finishing Advance, as well as the parking sensors both front and rear. They are joined by a full suite of active safety, which should be acquired based checkbook: detector vehicle in neutral or the warning of lane departure are optional, and cost 1.040 euros in combination with the alertto cross traffic to exit back of a parking lot on battery.

The version, Advance, proven boots in 29.170 euros, a price higher than that of their more direct rivals.

there is Also a help which makes it possible driving semi-autonomous in traffic jams, although we have not been able to test it. Optionally is available the system App-Connect, that allows the integration of a smartphone via MirrorLink, Android Auto or Apple Car Play, as well as a full suite of services available through the app Id developed by Volkswagen. Unfortunately, the unit tested did not enjoy this system, so that the integration of my smartphone was limited to the hands-free Bluetooth.

prueba-volskwagen-touran-2016-59-mdmOther options to consider are the system Average Control, using a tablet allows the holder of a tablet govern the system of infotainment in the car (not leaving it to your children). It is also possible using a GoPro, the live transmission of images to the screen of the infotainment system – I don’t think it’s really useful, to not be that bring many children to board or load valuable, frankly. In all the Advance is standard with a touch screen of 6.5 inches for the computer infotainment.

Its rivals offer a design that is more marked, and more personality at a lower cost. And let’s not talk about the crossover.

The Volkswagen Touran is not mpv cheapest in the market. The unit tested starts at 29.170 euros, and it is a motorization basic diesel with a finish intermediate. Rivals such as the Opel Zafira or the Ford C-MAX offer a relation quality-price is more than correct, although it does not offer the same space the Touran or their technological burden. Volkswagen has also sought to confer on the Touran an aura of premium with which to differentiate themselves from the rivals, because on an aesthetic level it is a car devoid of personality.

on the other hand, the client type of a minivan, looking for both practicality and functionality, and in this aspect, the Volkswagen Touran has few rivals – provided that its owner didn’t put a few euros more and go for a BMW 2-Series Tourer.

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