Volkswagen Touran 2015, the keys of its fourth generation

The first Touran appeared in 2003, and from a beginning marked line to follow by all competitors in the segment of minivans. Today we are faced with one of the cars more versatile of the market, where space and habitability tread strong, even though they are not the only keys of the Volkswagen Touran 2015.


Great job of redesign of the Volkswagen Touran


The purchase of a minivan is never passionate, it is a purchase, many times forced by family situations, and until recently they have never shown a look especially attractive. However, a couple of years ago for here we see how the manufacturers are working on designing minivans so practical for the day-to-day as showy seeing.

The Touran 2016 has completely changed design over its predecessor. Under the new philosophy of Volkswagen, it has been made more dynamic and sharper. A style that will have a point primitive if we decide to mount the package aesthetic R Line, which includes a series of appendices in contrast with the body, and larger tires. Even so, the Touran new it looks much better than the previous one.


The previous generation of the Touran, saw the light in 2010. Although it may seem that it makes little, just need to look back to realize given the technological changes that have been introduced on the cars in so little time. A good mirror in which to look is the Volkswagen Touran 2015, where you now enter all the devices and have gotten, and some more of the new generation.


Technology pouring in, all designed to offer the maximum comfort and safety

the usual assistance systems such as the display of dead angle, view cameras, adaptive cruise control, tailgate with automatic and connectivity of last generation, among others, is now added a ecomputer microphone and speakers that are responsible for improving the communication between the last row of seats and the first. Also noteworthy is the possibility of including headlamps with LED technology and a team of surveillance cameras of the occupants later.


it Is here where we come to the climax, to the real reason of existence of the Volkswagen Touran and of all rivals in the sector. Unlike the sedans, which can get to get to the same levels of habitability, mpvs are able to offer more in less space. Despite the fact that the new Touran has slightly grown in all its dimensions, it is still 22 inches shorter than the Passat Variant, and they both have space in the same way.

The Touran in addition to the fact of being able to offer two more seats in the back, shows a luggage compartment volume that oscillates between an impressive 743 and 1.980 liters if you folded down the second row of seats. Some data that the Passat Variant is not even able to get close. It is not surprising that it is one of the choices more logical when looking for a good family car.


For space will not be, the Touran is designed around its large trunk


we Know that Volkswagen is in the midst of one of the biggest scandals that are remembered in the world of motorsports, but these problems do not affect the Volkswagen Touran 2016, which shows mechanical adapted to the current standards. Leaving to one side the quagmire of consumption and emissions, the brand German has opted not to risk in terms of mechanics for the Touran, a strategy that takes many years to bear fruit.

Away from the mentality of other companies, Volkswagen knows that buyers of suvs are not looking for pure performance, but rather the perfect balance between performance, comfort, and consumption. For them it has prepared a range of conventional, with mechanical diesel and gasoline ranging between 110 and 190 HP. With a consumption that depart from the 4.3 liters per 100 km (official figure).


you should recognize all the novelties included in the new Touran has a price, and that if we compare it with its rivals, this in many cases can lose. The offer, as you mentioned, starts in the 26.280 euros, although if you we add a special campaign we will be able to get it for a price of around 25,000 euros. We have already said that is not the cheapest, but in the end it is one of the references of the sector.


efficient Engines and little consumerist, are the backbone of the range

As always happens in Volkswagen, the range is distributed in various levels of equipment and price. Although the basic finishing is more than enough for driving, all over the world like to put details and gadgets of the latest generation. At this point I must say that el finish that best balance is shown in terms of price and technology is the Advance, and it is probably choose the majority of their customers.