Volkswagen Transporter Rockton New

If you love adventure and need a comprehensive and skilled transport Volkswagen provides the solution, the new Transporter Rockton . The German firm has transformed Transformer Series (pictured) in a suitable to run in all types of terrain while maintaining its high load capacity vehicles.


The Transporter Rockton is the last to arrive at the great family of Volkswagen vans. As its name and appearance suggests, the Rockton is more robust version of the Transporter has seen an increase in off-road capability. Based on the latest facelift that has gone Volkswagen Kombi variant, Mount transmission system Haldex AWD with differential lock on the rear axle as standard .

In order to improve its qualities terrain, engineers in the German firm has reinforced suspension and damping simultaneously increase the height of the body in relation to the ground by 30 millimeters. Generally, this is what the difference in the standard version.

Further Volkswagen also offers the most demanding users two options for customization, Expedition kit and which improves protection of the most sensitive areas of the vehicle. model called Expedition includes special 16-inch wheels made of reinforced steel and another transmission according to the firm itself “provides greater traction in off-road driving,” also has individual seats single slide and covered with a special fabric.

For those who intend to use Rockton more demanding roads, they can choose to include in their van for Protection Kit as mounted on their low one variety shield motor , transmission, fuel tank, Rear exhaust systems and side skirts. In the trunk can place a desk and also can distinguish the driving portion of the load through the mesh partition.

As for engines, Transporter Rockton It is offered with a diesel engine 2.0-liter turbo with two power levels, 140 hp or 180hp. Volkswagen has announced some prices for access to range of € 34,545 (plus VAT) and “Expedition” version of € 42,490 before tax.

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