Volkswagen tuning five cars to celebrate in the U.S. the return of the summer

The guys of Volkswagen America have created a group of custom vehicles with the intention of traveling the united States on a tour that will welcome the summer. The five vehicles have been created to attract the intention of different types of customers, although all of them have a value in common: the search the highest performance and grab the attention.

VW Golf 1.8 Turbo


The Volkswagen Golf takes the aesthetics of yesteryear to bring it to the present. Its eye-catching color of the body you may find it familiar since it is the famous tone Bali Green Volkswagen Rabbit mk1. Aesthetics retro is completed with headlights tinted in yellow, black stripes that run across the side profile of the vehicle in its lower part, the wheels BBS gold color in 19-inch with tires Michelin Pilot Super Sport shocks and H&R Street Performance that recuden the height in 50 mm. On the roof carries a bike if we need to.



Volkswagen has wanted to join sportiness and practicality in a unique vehicle that will never go unnoticed by his eccentric combination between the purple shade of your body and its gold rims Vossen 20-inch with tires Michelin Pilot Super Sport. The same gold found in the farm side and in the practical chest roof that mount it. Like the previous vehicle, it mounts a system of shock absorbers, high-performance H&R Street.

VW Golf R


The most powerful version of the series for the compact German is that, ironically, has opted for a design more content in comparison with his brothers. Takes the inspiration of Scirocco GT Black Edition to decorate its exterior with a body-white, marking a strong contrast with the roof, housings rear-view mirrors and 19-inch alloy wheels of black color. Like the other two models as well, has shock absorbers, H&R, in this case, the variant Sport is specially designed to fit into the Dynamic Control of the Chassis (DCC) of the Golf R by reducing its height without losing benefits, and tires Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2.

VW Jetta GLI


This VW Jetta so special is a nice toy for those who like the competition. The vehicle out to the street with the bumper of great dimensions, with an eye-catching red color, and shock absorbers H&R Street that offer better grip and handling. Equipped with tires BFGoodrich g-Force Rival mounted on wheels 18-inch, black color. What is interesting is that this model will be showcased with all of the tools necessary to llevárnoslo to the track.

VW Passat


This Volkswagen Passat american has little to do with the one we have in Europe, you already know that there like the big horse, walk or not walk. This berlina has been modified with a powerful bumper, very low height to the ground thanks to the air suspension custom AccuAir E-Level with the control knob in the interior, so much so that it seems that the wheel arches with the tires installed on the rims Vossen 20 inch. An attractive vehicle as the rest of the gang in tone Satin Ocean Shimmer whose floor of the trunk is lined in wood.