Volkswagen Up! 2016, range and prices: how much does the renewed urbanite Volkswagen?

Volkswagen has been renovated to the Volkswagen Up! your proposal urban, their alternative to the Peugeot 108, the KIA Picanto and the company. A new engine of 90 horsepower, new equipment options, changes in their optical and customization options… but… how much does it cost? Time to discover all the details on the price and range of the Volkswagen Up! 2016.

Among the changes introduced, there is a new multimedia system (optional), and a motor of 90 hp:

The range of the Volkswagen Up! 2016 is conformed by price, engine and equipment level, in the following way:

Move Up!

Move Up! 1.0 60 hp – 11.910 €
Move Up! 1.0 60 hp (automatic) – 13,220 euros
Move Up! 1.0 60 hp – 12.530 €
Move Up! 1.0 75 hp (automatic) – 13.840 €

High Up!

High Up! 1.0 60 hp – 12.710 €
High Up! 1.0 60 hp (automatic) – 14.020 euros
High Up! 1.0 75 cv – 13.340 €
High Up! 1.0 75 hp (automatic) – 14.650 €
High Up! 1.0 90 hp – 14.060 €
High Up! Eco 1.0 68 hp (gas) – 15.130 euros

1440_volkswagen-up-2016-08These prices are without any type of discount. With promotions, we have pointed out from Volkswagen, the access price could be lowered to the 9,000 euros.

in Addition to be placed on the market a industrial version (Volkswagen Up! Load), a Volkswagen Up! electric and a special edition of Beats, but of these versions, and models you provide more information in separate articles.

In terms of the equipment of each finish we find the following elements in series:

Move Up!: standard equipment very basic but has a release package that includes air conditioning, a cd radio with 6 speakers and rearview mirrors with electric adjustment.

High Up!: incorporates alloy wheels, new upholstery, leather details (steering wheel, hand brake), ambient light and white fog lights. In addition to account with the release package High Up! that incorporates the climate control, assistant to the parking, cruise control and a higher radio with bluetooth and a color display of 5 inches.