Volkswagen Up! GTI 2018: it will be a reality and will have 115 HP

Volkswagen Up! 2016

The Volkswagen Up! you have your own variant GTI and will hit the market in the year 2018.

it Was early last June when we did echo of the first reports pointing to the possible development of a version of a purely sporting small urbanite Volkswagen. Something like a response to other urbanites sports by the German manufacturer. Well, just a few months after, we can confirm that the Volkswagen Up! GTI 2018 will be a reality.

A development that Volkswagen has remained largely in secret. And is that our colleagues on the british coach have already had the opportunity to get at the controls of a prototype Up! GTI. Although your presentation will not take place until next year, predictably, the Frankfurt Auto show 2017 (scenario suitable for Volkswagen), there is still enough to see by the roads. Will not reach the dealerships until the year 2018

Under the hood of the Volkswagen Up! GTI you will find a engine 1.0-liter TSI three-cylinder that will produce a power of 115 HP. And important aspect is that this engine will be associated to a gearbox six-speed manual. Yes, the change automatic DSG will be available as an option.

Volkswagen Up! 2016

The new Volkswagen Up! GTI 2018 will make use of a engine 1.0 TSI engine of 115 HP.

Thanks to this mechanic, the small Volkswagen Up! GTI will be able accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 8 seconds. If we realize a priori the power is not very high but you get these figures and benefits due to the small size and low weight that will have the Up! GTI. To lack of to enter in more details, we can anticipate that it will be very close to 1,000 kilograms.

Addition to a specific mechanical, the new Volkswagen Up! GTI 2018 will also benefit from other enhancements such as a new suspension or a body kit with which to accentuate his side more thug and spicy. Also be there details such as a alloy wheels and tyres specific. For the interior Volkswagen will add a trimmed sole and a trim to differentiate this variant from the rest of the range.

¿What will be its price? If we take into account that currently the Volkswagen Up! finish High Up! and the engine 1.0 TSI 90 HP (the most powerful of the range) is available from the 14.190€, it is clear that the new Up! GTI will surpass surpasses the 15.000€. We can also take as a reference the price of the Renault Twingo GT, a possible rival for the small “rocket” that is coming to the Volkswagen. The urbanite French part from the 15.106€.