Volkswagen us forward the prototype that will lead to CES

The Consumer Electronics Show that will take place in the city of Las Vegas in the next month, it has been the scenario chosen by Volkswagen to present a prototype that is supposed to be the reinterpretacion of the Transporter.

Volkswagen-ces-concept-2015Volkswagen has released the first image as a preview of a new prototype that will be bringing the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in the united States. The image does not show too much, but lets see a front-end with LED headlights, a grille with LEDs and even the emblem of Volkswagen-lit by LEDs.

although the details are still a mystery,the mark is only noted that this conceptual work will draw the beginning of a new era in the field of electric vehicles long-range affordable, at the same time which will be transformed into an exercise that will show how much is going to change the cars over the next few years.

But at the same time and although it is not yet official, some reports suggest that the prototype will serve as a preview of what sooner or later will transform into the substitute the current Transporter, which ensure would the market towards 2017. The new Volkswagen Transporter 2017 would be a selection of thrusters, turbo, diesel and even an electric propulsion system that would be available to a range of around 500 kilometres.

But in particular, this prototype will serve as a platform to demonstrate many of the technologies of the future, gradually arriving to the production models of VAG. It is hoped that the prototype gives us a preview about the capabilities of driving autonomous and systems of information and entertainment advanced.