Volkswagen USA reacts: We have to postpone the return of a Golf TDI wildly despiezado


Of the vehicle as such a little is more than the frame and drivetrain.

it Was last week when I we reported that some customers of Volkswagen in the united States were returning to their vehicles with TDI, affected by the Dieselgate, completely gutted to the dealer. This return forms part of the agreement of the mark with the u.s. authorities, anyone who wishes can return the vehicle and receive in exchange the money you have paid for, as is the vehicle.

As we already saw, the necessary conditions to be able to deliver the vehicle was that this could be operable, that is to say, that it could be driven legally. This was causing some users decide to eliminate the maximum number of auxiliary parts of your vehicle, those that do not foreclose that could be driven on public roads. But this is by far the most dramatic case that we can find on the net.

The vehicle that appears in the images used to be a Golf TDI, and belongs to such a Joe Mayer, business vehicles of the city of Cincinnati. This, basically is documenting the process of returning your vehicle, which, as you can see in the pictures has been despiezado to the full. In fact, as reported by the editors of Jalopnik, has even confirmed that the last pieces are thought to dismount just before entering the dealership.


The interior has been dismantled completely.

that Is to say, both the seat as the lights would be taken down shortly before returning the vehicle, so I thought to enter the dealership mounted on a box (of milk, to be exact), instead of the respective seat.

to List the amount of items that you have disassembled it would be too long, but as you can see in the images has been removed absolutely everything that would not be the devices used for the vehicle to move by itself. The rest, including accessories children, has been eliminated. From the vents until the last coating, passing by the gates themselves and crystals.

special Mention is the license plate of the vehicle, which appears in the images. This is because bought the Golf TDI precisely weeks before the scandal broke in the fall of 2015, so that when he went to register it had already coined the expression Dieselgate, so I opted for their enrollment by the combination of “DSLGATE”.


The plate is real, it is your true tuition.

In our judgment, and without trying to minimize the apparent responsibility that the brand has for having marketed a few vehicles that should not even be manufactured, the protagonist of this story does not have any right to perform such an act, that we understand as a crude scam, since it is not delivering the vehicle as indicated by the agreement. The frame bare is not the vehicle that the acquired and also the operated with the vehicle in those conditions.

This has been merely an act of bad faith, which has been confirmed by the
same individual
, the vehicle by which you will indemnify is the
frame and the sum of all its elements, not a mere skeleton. And the
money that was thought out for those pieces that he sells, be it little or much, would be
managed to illicitly
, so that the German brand has finished taking cards in the matter and has communicated by telephone with Mayer, postponing the delivery of the vehicle in question.

The only explanation they have given is that we have to postpone the delivery, without a new date at the moment, due to the actions committed against the vehicle. What
do you think?.