Volkswagen Varok concept: a design unreal but imaginative exclusive to Australia


The Varok concept for the time being will not be reality.

In the last few weeks, the images of this curious concept, Volkswagen has traveled through the network from end to end. Although its design is impeccable, it is certain that does not belong nor does it have anything to do with the German brand, since it is the work of two young designers, former employees of Volkswagen, Valentin Fuchs and Pierre Joveneaux.

These have decided to design a vehicle expressly for the australian market, which has the peculiarity of being able to be configured as either a UTE, vehicle very popular in Australia, as a shooting brake, thanks to an element detachable from the rear area. A design tool widely used in design studies during the decade of the nineties, but that little impact had on the market.

In this way, with the cap in place, the concept happens to be a stylish shooting brake with lines typical of a coupe, as like in markets such as the british.

UTE to Shooting Brake only with a cover.

Named Volkswagen Varok, what is certain is that it really is inspired by the versions UTE Ford Falcon and the Holden Commodore, versions are going to disappear imminently and the australian market, due to the large fall in sales that have had these past years. Australian customers now prefer other imported vehicles, usually pick-ups.

we do not Know the intentions of these designers regarding the design project. We don’t know if they are just going to stay in the renders that have been posted of the model, or if are intended to convince a multinational to the feasibility of the project, now that are going to disappear the main competitors for this particular niche in the australian market.

For the moment, the Varok features design elements typical of the German brand. From the reading of the angles until the optical front, while the rear look generic, arranged in the now familiar C-shape of the stylized employing a number of brands in their models.