Volkswagen will change its slogan 'Das Auto' by other more humble


The ‘Das Auto’ will disappear as the slogan of Volkswagen

Since 2.007, Volksagen end all their commercials with the slogan ‘Das Auto’ in the end, both on screen and in other media such as magazines, newspapers and the internet. It means simply ‘The Car’, a slogan short but loaded for great power and confidence that started Martin Winterkorn, the former head of the VAG Group.

Too pretentious

however, after the events of the scandal Volkswagen with the theme of emissions in the TDI, that have resulted in a significant decline of sales in some markets and a pronounced fall of the reputation, the manufacturer is looking to change this with the goal of rebuild its brand image and get customers coming back to rely on them.

After a closed-door meeting of around 2,000 managers of the VAG Group, it has been decided that the ‘Das Auto’ will be eliminated from the advertising campaigns a result of too pretentious and absolutist as is the panorama. His replacement will be in favor of a slogan that shows humility in front of the customers, just ‘Volkswagen’.

The change will not be radical, but gradually it will go spreading around around the world. Volkswagen will have to work very hard to restore the confidence of their customers and return to the point in which it was just before the outbreak of the bomb from the united States.