Volkswagen will change its slogan Das Auto for sounding pretentious

Volkswagen Das AutoAfter the scandal Dieselgate Volkswagen is going to carry out a major image change to become a thing of the past, their slogan international, Das Auto (The Car). Volkswagen leads coming off the fence with those two simple words from 2007, but seems now it will look for something more of humility. According to a spokesperson for the brand, the slogan Das Auto is not yet dead, but will not be present in the upcoming campaigns of the brand. The change of the phrase advertising was discussed in the conference prenavideña held in Dresden, involving multiple executives from the Volkswagen group.

The new slogan, which will be simply “Volkswagen”, it will be launched gradually along the length and breadth of the world. One of the reasons that have led to change the motto of the brand is already by itself sounds absolutist and given the situation of the scandal Dieselgate and with the image that it is a manufacturer that makes traps, it is arrogant and pretentious. .

volkswagen-grupo-mas-sostenibleMake changes in terms of communication is vital, because this is a department that has not worked well at all as it was unfolding scandal, refuting and rebutting facts or allegations that have subsequently proven to be certain, as accusing the us of manipulating the engines 3.0 TDI V6. Such acts have generated a distrust even higher in some consumers.

it Is fair to say that Volkswagen has also revealed in the process some basic information, such as the engines affected by the emission of CO2. In this case Volkswagen then had to rectify by announcing that the affected units were less than the initially planned, creating a “good news” of a topic tricky.

Volkswagen is also carrying out a certain face wash, trying to give an image more close and human. In the conference prenavideña held in Dresden noticed the absence of ties on the men, and even were ties, rolled up, something difficult to see in the era of Martin Winterkorn.

Source – Reuters