Volkswagen will compensate its dealers in the united states by the Dieselgate

VolkswagenVolkswagen will indemnify its dealers in the united States for the damages that the crisis of the emissions of its diesel engines has caused. The German manufacturer already has reached an agreement in principle with the dealers located on american soil to compensate them for the damage they have been able to suffer in the wake of the scandal of the emissions.

This principle of agreement basically focuses on the diesel models which the dealers had in stock and have not been able to sell due to the institutional stalemate that weighed on them from the fraud of the emissions be made public. This agreement is included within the program that Volkswagen has designed to buy back the cars affected.

Volkswagen TDIThe judge overseeing the process has given their approval to this principle of agreement. According to the information provided, the pact would cover 650 dealers. What has not materialised yet is the financial amount that Volkswagen is going to book to cover the possible damages that they have suffered in their business. These funds would have to add them to the 15.300 million dollars that the Volkswagen Group already provisioned when the scandal broke.

managers of the licensees affected in the united States shall be settled by an amicable problems that the Dieselgate has caused. in consideration of to this agreement, the managers of the dealerships that will benefit from this agreement have committed to restore the image of the brand. This may fight to regain customers who may be thinking of abandoning the brand.

The fringe of this agreement must be filed with the judge before the September 30, maximum date provided to Volkswagen to gather the documentation and make the provision of funds necessary. However, the German brand still is still a long way to go, as we still has to solve the problem of the 3.0 V6 TDI before this reaches the courts.

Source – Volkswagen