Volkswagen will create a business of cyber security for their cars

Volkswagenwe All know the problems that you have had the Fiat Group Chrysler (FCA) with some of their models and the hackers. These hackers have not acted as such, it simply showed that they could hack a Jeep Cherokee of the new (2015) intervening in the engine or brakes. After this performance it became clear that the cars connected to the network have a empty in your security and are therefore exposed to attacks, ill-intentioned.

After discovering this the Group FCA conducted a research to solve the problem. The solution reached consisted of reconfigure the software of their cars in order to avoid visits beyond. However other of the giants of the car is not quiet, and to do this will create a company expressly for the purpose to monitor the safety of their cars. This giant is not more than the Volkswagen Group and is already working on it.

Volkswagen Passat 2015 precio EspañaVolkswagen announced last week that it is creating a new company to avoid hacker attacks on their cars. This company, dedicated to the cybersecurity, is called Cymotive Technologies. To develop this company and your duties will feature three experts in cyber security israeli. One of them is Yuval Diskin, former director of the intelligence agency of Israel.

This new company will focus on protect of attacks on the last car released to the market the Volkswagen Group. However they will also work towards the past, that is to say, many of the models of the German consortium are vulnerable and can easily fall into the hands of the cacos. This was demonstrated a couple of months ago when several hackers entered the system of remote control of the keys of several Volkswagen old.

Volkswagen has not yet confirmed if Cymotive Technologies will only work to provide support and solutions to their models or if it will also do to protect the interests of other brands of cars.

Source – Volkswagen