Volkswagen will face to their customers in england by the Dieselgate

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Volkswagen Group could be complicated, and a lot of things in Europe. The Dieselgate has forced the German consortium holds harmless the american customers thanks to the laws and regulations that protect their rights in the united States. In Europe and Uk the legislation does not oblige this compensation and therefore, the Group had declared that would not provide money to the customers of the old continent for the damages created in the wake of the scandal of the emissions of your diesel engines.

however, a group of owners brand vehicles Uk has turned against the brand a class action lawsuit for the firm to take charge of the problems and inconvenience caused to them. The firm in charge of bringing the case to the courts is the law firm Harcus Sinclair, and as reported by ask to the firm for the fraud that they have committed against their customers, the environment and the English society as a whole.

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The first data show that the Group Volkswagen could be required to pay about 30 million pounds to these customers if the courts give them the reason. This would be until now the legal action largest carried out against the German consortium and includes nothing more and nothing less than 10,000 users English. Therefore, the authorities could be very pressured to have the judgment does not contravene the popular clamor and to give deserved justice to the German multinational.

The chosen date by the Court in charge of settling this conflict is the 30 of January. If things go as reported from the lawyers office the judgment of this court could help the affected other countries put hands to the work, and querellen against the group. In addition, if the Court judgement is against the corporation, the group could still see most affected their economic performance.

We will be attentive to the evolution of the situation for if you serve in Spain customers are able to ask for responsibilities the Volkswagen Group.

Source – Harcus Sinclair