Volkswagen will increase its workforce in R & D to improve their technology

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technology has changed our lives in recent years but it still seems that is going to continue changing in the coming. This evolution has been served car makes because in a matter of a decade have gone from being vehicles (as we knew them until now) to be devices consumer electronic for the vast majority of the public.

The departments of I+D+i of the major car manufacturers have grown in recent years and thanks to this, many, such as Tesla Motors, have been able to position itself in the market in the place they are in now. One of the firms that more is going to bet on to increase your technological developments is the Volkswagen Group as part of its strategy to change its course after the problem of the Dieselgate.

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The German consortium has initiated this new stage by reorganizing their study of Potsdam, in Germany. In him the new autonomous vehicles and electric group will take shape and to strengthen this new stage will increase your template. To do this will be made up to 1,000 new hires of engineers and experts on subjects as diverse as the gaming industry (game consoles).

These new hires will be made during the next three years and according to Dr Karlheinz Blessing, member of the Board of management of Volkswagen AG responsible for Human Resources of the consortium, “The people that want to shape the future of mobility are coming to Volkswagen. We tackle the big challenges of the future with the best people: – digitization, software development, electric mobility, driving and autonomous mobility services. For these fields, we are strengthening our team with expert first class“.

work carried out these professionals (new and those already within the department of I+D+i) will take the form of face to next generations of the models of the consortium. As proof of this are the new wizards of driving assistance that they can already ride the new Golf, Octavia, Leon etc

Source – Volkswagen Group AG

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