Volkswagen will invest 34,000 million euros in R+D+i up to 2022

Volkswagen Group is stepping on the accelerator in terms of electric mobility and autonomous. The corporate conglomerate more powerful Germany wants to be the undisputed leader in this segment of the market when the year 2030 touch to your order. However, achieving such a goal is not trivial and therefore know that have to spend money right and left to develop the technology that will need to have their cars.

is just As important for Volkswagen this goal, the own Matthias Müller has come to say that it will be they who from reinventing the car. These words arise from the amount of money that is committed to investing in innovations and technologies in the future. According to the German conglomerate, between the years 2018 to 2022 will invest a total of 34 billion euros in R+D+i.

The main areas that will stop this money have to do with the development of powertrains for hybrid and electric. With this measure, the Volkswagen Group wants to reduce its footprint on the environment with their new models, because in the year 2030 they will all be electric (that is to say, that all their models will have at least one variant driven by electricity).

Another paragraph that take you a good part of this multi-billion dollar budget has to do with the development and implementation of the platform for electric vehicles MEB. This base will the models of the different brands that make up the group. To do this follow the same strategy with the ultimate platform that you have launched, the MQB. In addition, while the platform MEB is expanded by the group’s plants, all the electric models is to rise above it, will come out of the plant German Zwickau where are assembled the Golf, Passat or Bentley Bentayga and Continental.

For now, and if the plans remain unchanged and as announced by the Volkswagen Group, the first electric car that will be launched to the market will be a sedan that should be in the dealers in 2019. The van inspired by the ID Buzz it should do so also for the year 2022.

Source – Volkswagen Group

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