Volkswagen will launch in China brand name low cost in 2018

Volkswagen Gol

We have a time talking about the brand low cost that is preparing the Volkswagen Group to assault the main emerging markets of the world. His association with Tata Motors seeks this order, because they need reliable technology, and more affordable than they have. The reason is that need to ensure that the models of his signature low cost, are sufficiently economic to be sold in the quantities that they want.

in Addition, Tata Motors will open the doors to a number of emerging markets are very important, and that until now the German consortium had limited. However, the work within the group continues on its course, and we have been able to know by the mouth of Jochem Heizmann, member of the board responsible for the activities in China, which the first market in the world that will receive the models of the signature low cost will be to China.

Volkswagen CrossFox

As has been clarified, the association that has the German giant with its local partner FAW (First Automobile Works) is in a position to start manufacturing these models. Therefore, if FAW is involved in this firm, we understand that the agreement that are forged with Tata Motors has not yet entered into force. What makes us think this is that the German firm has stated that these models will be based on a modification of the old platform PQ35 that has the group (therefore not use the modular platform of Tata).

The first model that would come to the chinese market about the brand of the low cost will be a compact SUV. The following models will be a sedan and a hatchback, and they will all be in a price range of 8 to 11 thousand euros. Another of the secrets that by now they are well kept is the name that will be this new brand low cost. We can’t imagine the name you will get but we have a question. If Volkswagen has with FAW a mark in low cost and with Tata Motors going to do other do the call to the two brands the same, or we will have more signatures to add to the already heavy portfolio of firms that have?

time to Time, because in a matter of months we will know more details.

Source – Volkswagen Group