Volkswagen will not offer financial compensation to the owners by the Dieselgate

TDIWithout underestimating the advantages that we have european citizens, we have many times envy of the united States, especially in the automotive industry is concerned. Not only do we talk about things such as Law Lemon, but also the way of acting of the manufacturers. In the united States and in Europe, Volkswagen has marked different strategies before the scandal Dieselgate.

In Europe the image of the Volkswagen Group is very strong, which is not the case in the united States. At the same time, the other side of the atlantic have more historical memory, and are more “vindictive” and who is the play back mode rejection. In Europe it is not as noticeable. This is an example of how to compensate the damages for the Dieselgate, Volkswagen offers, claims at the margin, $ 1,000 in gift cards to those affected, while in Europe you will not offer any type of compensation.

Gama TDI Clean Diesel de Volkswagen en Estados UnidosA company spokesman has clarified that the financial compensation voluntary affect only the united States and the neighboring country of Canada. In Europe, Volkswagen will be limited, as in other parts, to change the vehicles affected by the falseo of NOx emissions to comply with the regulations and to ensure that the drawbacks are minimal for the consumer. Volkswagen already has a solution to the problem.

in Front of the 482.000 affected by the engines 2.0 TDI in the united States will benefit from the gift cards, in Europe there are 8.5 million cars from the Volkswagen Group with the defeat device that alters the emissions of NOx in the approval process. Still need to see how it evolves in the case of the 3.0 TDI. Volkswagen argues that the compensation will be in north America because customers have purchased a few cars that are advertised as a Clean Diesel and paying higher taxes.

Source – Automotive News