Volkswagen will pay about 15,000 million dollars in the united States

Volkswagen Golf 2.0 TDIa week Ago, server I told the Group Volkswagen would reduce its range of models for, among other things, to reduce costs and cope with the fines and compensation that has on the table. Of the 340 models that we currently have in the poster will be left with about 300, and that way adjust your offer to compact the budget to the maximum. And that is that there is no other. Today it has been leaked to the press the news that the group will pay almost 15,000 million dollars in the united States. An amount that has exceeded what was planned in the beginning and forces the company to adjust the belt.

The agreement, which is still provisional, you should wait to become official until the 30 of June, the date on which the court of San Francisco who brings the case to hold the hearing in public. The filtration has reached to several us media outlets which have exposed the conditions of the agreement. Some 10,000 million dollars will be destined to the purchase of the vehicles affected by the engine souped-up by the value that you had before you uncover the dieselgate. Other 2,700 million more will be used to compensate the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). And finally, about 2,000 million dollars will be used to fund the development of new projects of the company.

Volkswagen Beetle TDIa total of 14.700 million dollars in the united States by a scandal, that every day promises more to Volkswagen. Although, the firm makes choice of the the 500,000 owners of the vehicle concerned, equipped with the 2.0 liter TDI, the possibility of staying with your car after passing a review, or to sell it to the company. If you choose to take it to fix to stay with him, the brand will install a system that allows the vehicle to comply with the regulations. Yes, at a price that many owners refuse to pay, your car lose power.

Recall that Volkswagen still faces a lawsuit brought by the Federal Trade Commission not to talk about the investigation that is kept open by the Justice Department of the united States. In spite of paying nearly 15,000 million dollars to the company she still causes face.

Source – EFE, The New York Times